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  1. Yes for better digestion and absorbing nutrients and hoping it takes away some of the gas pressure and make me regular instead of back in forth between constipation
  2. Has anyone here ever tried digestive gold? If so how were results?
  3. I too in the beginning was a bit worried when it first started to happen. I also had blood work, echocardiogram, ekgs, X-rays, stress test, and 48hr monitor to rule out heart which all came back normal. It seems to come on when I believe to have digested gluten I'll be fine then I'll slip up and...
  4. Hey has anyone one here ever had a reaction to Chex corn honey nut cereal. It says gluten free but i think it may be contaminated
  5. Ok thanks I ate the pizza Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon/evening I started to notice symptoms
  6. Has anyone here experienced chest pain and under left rib cage after being gluten?? I was out of town this past weekend and had a gluten free pizza from a pizza restaurant and may have been cross contaminated??‍♂️
  7. Ok thanks teva are the ones I have and I have a tooth infection as well
  8. Do any of u ladies & gents know if amoxicillin is gluten free?
  9. Does anyone else here symptoms seem to always worsen at night?? Mine seems to always bother me mostly at night ??‍♂️
  10. Thanks for commenting I think it's fine especially after being the big C for awhile ☺️
  11. Is it normal to have 3to4 bm in 1 day?? They're normal but happening quite often recently was constipated when first diagnosed but since changing my diet bm have change guess that's a good thing??‍♂️
  12. My appetite has been crazy lately I can eat then an hr later I'm hungry again.. that's all fine I guess but I find myself eating more then usual is this common with celiac? I don't wanna over eat because I'm already experiencing a lot of gas, bloating and constipation and eating a lot is not helping...
  13. Has anyone had an reaction to potatoes? Just made couple bake potatoes 2hrs ago and now I feel awful...just wondering thought potatoes were gluten free??‍♂️