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  1. In Ft. Myers Fl, there are 2 pizza places that make Gluten free pizza.....I love pizza, got to go there and check them out.....I have not found a frozen pizza yet...we have Publix here win-Dixie,I need to request it
  2. I truly hope that you are feeling better....In my own case, I was found to have celiac in 3rd grade. But I h had a Bad MVA, which left me with 3 skull fractures ,and traumatic brain injury, so I have no idea about what took place. I only know that in 1976, I was so sick with stomach problems,that sometimes I would be in the bathroom for over hour..... SO, I now, know, what I should have known years prior. I am doing somewhat better.Hope that you get somewhat better, being gluten free... Blessings to you,Dayle
  3. No problems with my sugar level....I actually had no problems with my stomach issue this weekend. Maybe my mom is looking out for me
  4. I thank you so for your post.....Hard day for me tonight and tomorrow, My momma died in my arms at 2.04am on 5/14......God Bless you
  5. Right back at you, my friend
  6. I do have HOPE now, thanks to all of you...I just need to hope that I will heal ....
  7. I have a lot to deal with. Systemic Lupus and Fibro.But I do so much want to feel better. I know that I have to be patient.
  8. I live in a home and I am the only person who is sick. I found a card from Boston children's hospital saying I had celiac.
  9. I have been gluten free for a week and I am still sick after dinner...Feeling a bit down tonight....

    1. pikakegirl


      Please hang in there. After 10 years of healing eating is enjoyable again and my body is new from the inside out. It is a long hard road but looking back my only wish is that I could have started healing sooner.

    2. Dayle


      Thanks so much..I won't give up. I just started 

      I just found out that my hubby has been making me smooth move tea.I had been so blocked up. LOL

      We just realized it...

  10. I am scared, when I was in 3rd grade I was pencil thin, and the school got involved, my mother took me into Boston, to Childrens Hospital. I have no memory of this...I only know because my mom died in arms 2004, I found a card with my name on it and it said Celiac. We were told then I would outgrow it. In 1999 we were involved in a MVA, I have no memory of the accident.My skull was fractured in 3 places, I was in surgery for 4 hours, and in ICU for 10 days. I had a traumatic brain injury. with Systemic Lupus,Fibro and all those little auto immune diseases. This is my 2nd marriage , but I had horrible stomach problems, and I just thought I had IBS ,well, I found that card, and I was in a size 0. I managed to put weight on, and the stomach problems had improved, so thought I was ok.....UNTIL 1 month ago. I now have decided to live gluten free. My husband is a wonderful guy, he is buying gluten free, but for 65 years, what have I done to my body. I am sorry for venting.....I have seen enough Doctors had a million blood tests, So, I do not really want to tell my new primary Dr. I am literally sick of being sick. Blessings to all, Dayle
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