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  1. Hello,

    I have been trying out new recipes of stuff I made up that is gluten, yeast and refined sugar free. The last few loaves of bread have had a heavy bottom and I was wondering if anyone had any advice.

    I use the Cuisineart bread maker and I'm very happy with it, however I mix my breads in the kitchenaid mixer because I found the bread maker does not fix well. I have tried mixing longer and not mixing as much and I still get this "settlement" layer on the bottom.

    Advice? Thank you so much!



  2. I'm so glad to hear this! My boyfriend and I are BIG travelers and after we pick a place to go, as you know the "big question" is never: "can we afford this?" "where would we fly into?" "can we rent a car in that country"..... it's always "what are my food options".

    Well we booked our Disney vacation last night and were slightly worried about the food....I guess we have ZERO reason to worry! Thank you!

  3. I have really been spending a LOT of time learning about food, what it does to your body, where it comes from and how it's grown. I'm hot on the path and want to join the movement. My "movement" is food labeling and education. I already shop 90% local, humane, organic. If it comes out of a box or bag I will not eat the food.

    Does anyone know of a coalition or organization that I could volunteer at? Or get more information about DOING MORE. Thanks.

  4. I am newly diagnosed with Celiac and I am traveling on Amtrak next month - we will be on the train for 45 hours (assuming no delays) and I am so scared about what I can eat. You can not bring anything that needs to be in a microwave and I don't want to eat Pamela's cookies and side salads for 45 hours. Amtrak Guest Relations is not open until Tuesday, but I was wondering if there is anything safe at all - we paid $2,000 for a bedroom that includes meals, and I am so scared that I will be starving. I have a lactose intolerance that can be helped with enzymes, but prefere to stay away from that to. The reaction to dairy is not as bad as gluten. Any help is appreciated!!

    This is going to sound like the dumbest idea ever however it has SAVED me MANY times. Grab a big thing of corn tortillas and a few can of beans and some fresh vegies that don't need a fridge like tomatoes, peppers and make your mexican food. I too travel for a living and never know and I'm honestly happy and surprised by how much of a well rounded meal you can make that's healthy....just start with a can of beans (don't forget your opener....did that once and oh boy did that suck...) and corn tortillas.

  5. Hello fellow gluten-free-ers!

    My boyfriend and I have been talking about a destination wedding and we have settled on Thailand, India or Sri Lanka. I know a lot about all the cuisines but I was wondering if, by chance, anyone else has planned or been to a wedding in those countries or knows of any place in those countries that offer gluten-free-ness. We'd like a resort but are open to anything. We don't care if it's by the beach or not....

    Thanks much!

  6. I do not eat active dry yeast often....acutally only a few times a year. I have noticed that every time I eat it I get a yeast infection on my face and I get crazy....

    Girls you might get this...you know the WORST PMS days where you are bloated and b%$@#y...like every thing is an issue and a HUGE annoyance and you just see a black line around every thing and you are just so crabby that you are even sick of yourself?!

    That's how I feel when I eat yeast....and my face breaks out.....

    and i KNOW it's not my period!

    I have been playing around the past few weeks of eating yeast and not eating yeast and it's totally the yeast! I'm very consistant about my diet....

    Does anyone else get this? Or have any advise?

  7. This is what I thought as well. I have not been regular for a week now. I was eating very well and then the holidays came...it's not horrid food but it's not my "regular" food and my body does NOT like it when i change things up....

    Thank you all for your help and I will NOT be cleaning myself (well I will be showering and brushing my teeth but you get what I mean! :) ) and will just go back to eating normal stuff like home made soups and salads and more vegies!

    Does anyone have any good recipes for crock potting? It is crock potting season afterall!

  8. OK So I remember my moms pie dough....it was the best thing you ever tasted and so easy to make however I can NOT get it to work gluten-free! I'ts the normal crisco, flour, salt water mix but the crust always turns out to break and crack and not be brilliant like when my mom made it.....I use the rice flour, potato starch and tapioca starch flour mix with xantham gum and it's crap....anyone have a good recipe that makes pie crust like their moms...? anyone know what I'm talking about?!

  9. So I'm thinking I need to detox. I have been shoving too much crappy food and booze in my system and think it would be a good thing to flush out the system. So here are my questions.

    Has anyone tried it?

    Why did you do it?

    What was it like for you?

    How do you think it did for you?

    Is it worth it?

    Is it actually something that will help me?

    AND MOST IMORTANTLY did you loose weight and then gain it back? I'm an actor and in a show and my weight CAN NOT fluctuate!!!! I understudy and can't gain or loose A POUND because then costumes will not fit me and I'm screwed...to put it nicely?

    Thanks all!

  10. I bought a frozen Kosher Cheesecake for Passover (Hagaddah Brand) and it was unbelievable!

    (I'm sorry now that I only bought 2 but it is just me eating it).

    Normally, they just use the filling but they had created a "crust" from brown sugar, Cinnamon and butter. It was SO delicious that I want to use it for all of my baking but I've never had that type of mixture work for me when I've used it as a crumble topping.

    What are the proprtions that I'd need and what's the best way of mixing it to be a moist "crust"?


    I make a BITCHIN' cheesecake and I just use butter, sugar, ginger and GORILLA MUNCH!!!! It's moist and AMAZING!!! Bake it for a bit before adding cheese cake filling or pop it in the micro for a few

    The cheese cake that I made up/bastardized is below, & with the crust it's just to die for.

    1 15 oz carton ricotta cheese

    4 egg whites

    3 tbs lemon juice

    1 8 oz pkg cream cheese

    1 cup sugar

    2 tsp tsp grated lemon peel

    Prehead oven to 350 grease an pie pan.

    Meanwhile, in the bowl of your food processor, whril the ricotta cheese, egg whites, lemon juice, and cream cheese until smooth. Add the sugar and lemon peel and mix until blended. Pour into the baked shell and return to the oven for 50-55 min or until the center barely jiggles when shaken.

    Refigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.


  11. The guy I'm dating just invited me to his house for dinner, he lives with 2 room mates and I'm way nervous. He's very educated in the gluten-free area but I'm still nervous. I'm not worried about a pot being dirt or a counter being dirty it's more of the CC factor by using the butter that someone used on bread or something like that. I will be there with him to cook but my nerves are going to be shot, I just know it! BUT he's been dying to get me over there and now I'm finally doing it. It will be fun, I know that but I'm still nervous.

    Also, I feel the same about being more safe eating out then at a friends house.

    Any advise?

  12. Hi guys. I started dating a new man and he working in the food industry. He's been beyond wonderful in regards to Celiac and gluten-free. Our first date i told him that i really don't eat out much and if I do its either eatery A, eatery B or eatery C.

    He said that one of the places he works at has a ton of gluten-free items. I didn't believe him at all, so he brought me the ingredients list and talked to his chef and low and behold the place is MOSTLY gluten-free! They do not advertise it and the weight staff isn't educated on it BUT the chef and "my boy" totally know.

    My 3 best friends and I went to eat at the place, we all are a mess with food allergies. One is no dairy, including eggs. Another is no wine, MSG and mushrooms. I'm gluten and the other can eat anything he wants. NONE of us got sick and the food was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! It's all pure and made right there in the place.

    I had the chicken under a brick with potatoes and escarole, it was killer. We also had a cheese and meat board and great wine. It's a wine bar with over 100 different bottles. The prices are CHEAP for queens and the place is clean and very cute.

    Go check it out and if you eat there, just tell them your gluten-free and they should know. I told them I would be posting this and we are trying to talk the chef into joining GIG or some type of gluten-free group. I'll keep you posted on that. The chef is a doll and very welcoming!

    We did take a cab from Astoria and it was $23 to get there in a gypsy cab but it was totally worth it. Here is the link, enjoy and go eat! :) You can take the subway but my besty blew out his knee and can't walk too much.


  13. OK, So I went out and HOLY CRAP EVERYONE was like 'you look amazing!" and yesterday my friend said "are you wearing make up? your skin looks great!" I LOVE this make up!!! It's easy too.

    I used to work for Clinique. I heave learned that the more you spend on a bursh the better the quality and quality is key. Quality will apply better and have the shadow stick longer.

    The eyshadow brushes work pefect for me, the problem i have is when it falls off my eyes then i have like 5 shades under my eyes and im trying to to rub it off without rubbing off everything else. im wondering if it would be best if i do my eyes first then my face. What does everyone else do.

    As for this, you are putting too much on your brush. You should put the shadow on your brush and then tap off the excess. If you are wearing heavy just keep applying in layers. Applying in layers also gives it a better, cleaner and deeper look...more layered look. another fun thing to do is finger paint your eye shadows! Use your finger, it's fun and great for the smokey look!

    I have found cleaning my brushes often really helps the application quality. You don't have to buy the "brush cleaner" (however I do just cause I spent SO MUCH $ on mine). You can use shampoo or baby soap (I have found those work the best).

    oh DID I MENTION MY FACE HAS TOTALLY CLEARED!?!?!?!? 2 freaking days and my face is cleared already!!! HELLLLL YES!

  14. LOL I HAVE to laugh at myself....I just got home from sephora, I'm SPACKLED (why the use florecent lighting in a make up store is BEYOND ME!) , flew on here to tell yall about the make up I just bought thinking it was the right one....I bought ......wait for it.....Bare Minerals. CRAP! lol oh well! I like it though, I have heard a bunch of girls talking about it for a while now and a few girls skin has cleared RIGHT UP! That really shocked me!

    I love makeup, I have ALWAYS been a MAC girl, have the make up box, 15 pallets and everything, but the Studio Fix just isn't working like it used to.

    Bare Minerals has a starter kit for $60 and for counter make up, that's not that bad. Only time and my best friends (I'm seeing them all tonight) will tell (good LORD will the friends be honest and i LOVE THAT!) So I'l sure you will hear from me tomorrow...an update if you will! :)


  15. Dude! After about 8 years I'm dating again and was FREAKED!

    HOWEVER I got to thinking, if they can't put up with it (gluten-free) then I don't want to put up with them. I just went out on a date with a guy I worked with 2.5 years ago and we bumped into each other, both happen to be single and our eyes locked and i mean LOCKED!

    So he invites me to a wine bar at 7, i think, no big deal eat before you go and it's a wine bar...so I did. I got there, bless his little heart he had FULL cheese and cracker spread waiting. I told him I was gluten-free and he then remembered and felt REALLY bad. I told him don't, I didn't remind him so eat your stuff. He asked a TON of questions about Celiac and for the first time in a long time I wasn't annoyed because he was thinking and thinking where I could eat.

    He works in 2 wine bar type places and the following day found out what I could and couldn't eat, talked to the chefs and everything. I told him I don't like eating out much and if I do it's either A-B-or C so pick one. He said NO WAY, we live in NYC and there are TONS of places he can take me. Low and behold I can eat at both places and I have called around a bit and found some new places myself. He is more then willing to go gluten-free and great about it. We have been dating for 2 weeks and go out ALL THE TIME....not to mention, he's pays!

    I found me a winner, I feel if a guy doesn't do that, HE'S NOT WORTH IT! This guy is bending over backwards and I'm SO GREATFUL!!!!!! AND he's actually been researching gluten foods on the web!

    I hope you find someone as cool as my dude! And if you don't GET RID OF HIM!!!!

    Keep me posted please!!!