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  1. It's TTG testing and he was eating gluten during testing. He has been gluten free since then and feeling better
  2. Could someone please help interpret my husbands bloodwork the doctor says it suggests celiac. And the doc thinks he does have celiac deliseas. He also has the symptoms! I believe he has celiac, we have just been told wrong in the past that we are kind uneasy when it comes to doctors... He's been gluten free since having the test done. It's been 2 weeks and he's feeling some better! Thanks! Ttg iga- 1 -normal equal or more than 4 Ttg igg- 8 -normal less than 6 they said Immunoglobulin- 50 normal 80 greater or equal to 4 anti bodies * sorry I know it's kinda scattered I was jotting down quickly as the nurse was talking over the phone and I'm having trouble putting it together thank u!! *
  3. My husband was diagnosed with celiac the beginning of this week . His doctor said to go gluten-free and he will be fine well the more research I have done the more I have found that is not the case that he has to heal his gut first before actually getting any better. What do we do ? Does he need probiotics does he need more vitamins than he's already taking ? Maybe nutrients ? I don't completely understand is there a book I should buy any classes to go to or other website ?? Thank you
  4. My husband just recently got diagnosed with celiac's disease we are wondering if we should get our son tested to see if he carries the gene I guess you would say. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as a lot of you, I have no one else to talk to about it thanks
  5. Rosemilyd

    Feeling tight and twitching

    Thank y'all for the info! His doc said he may not have celiac bc he doesn't look the part whatever that means I guess bc he's a big boy lol but he did the panel anyways And said he'll prob get false neg even if he has gluten issues . He also testing for b12 iron and his vit d, and inflammation. We already know his vit D is low he's been taking high amounts of D3 with magnesium for months now. Doc said could be possible MS but he had spinal tab a while back and physical test also nurve and muscle study and Nero said the results were perfect but he did have some white matter change in MRI but could be from head trauma he's had or high blood pressure or migraines . It's all too much to process sometimes. He's 26 But I would think bc his stomach issues have improved so much in the past weeks bc of going gluten free it makes me lean more towards gluten issues rather than MS wouldn't u think?
  6. My husband has been gluten free for a week. He said his stomach issues have improved dramatically he is not bloated at all and usually his stomach bloats three times it's size. But he said his muscles still feel tired, tight and kind of achy and twitchy . Is that a normal thing ? I'm wondering how long after being off of gluten should the symptoms improve ? We are still waiting to hear back from the doctor about results from the celiac panel thank you in advance !!!
  7. Thank you for the great info! Did you have a lot of muscle aches, some numbness from time to time, bloating, that kind of thing ?
  8. Thank you so much for the response he has already had a spinal tap done amd MRI and that Neurologist said she did not believe it was a ms but he just recently got a new family doctor and he said that cannot determine ms at all and to ignore what she said so of course that took away every ounce of peace of mind that we had but we are starting gluten-free today I went to Aldis and bought a bunch of stuff thank you so much and I'm very glad your son seems to be improving. What a blessing!!
  9. He did get a celiac panel done yesterday we are just playing the waiting game. The bad thing is the doctor said a lot of times you get a false negative's with the gluten test so I was just hoping to talk to someone about it he's had MRIs and blood work done and all that but the uncertainty ways on your mind. He's only 26
  10. Hello I am asking for my husband seeing as how I'm the one who tends to him ha ha! Has anyone had trouble getting diagnosed with gluten issues ? My husband's doctor seems to think he could have MS or gluten issues wondering if anyone is in the same boat.