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gluten-free/DF - Diagnosed Celiac 04.25.17.  Also DX Hashimoto's (partial thyroidectomy scheduled in June for large nodule), PCOS, and milk allergy.  On a quest to heal chronic hives.

  1. A little update: Feeling much better. A little crampy still, but I have been D free most of the day. I snacked on canned pumpkin, white sweet potatoes, and bananas all day. I was a bit hesitant with the bananas (they normally make me go), but they helped. Doctor has yet to get back to me...
  2. Thank you. That makes sense. I did send him a message this morning - I'm hoping I get a response today, but have my doubts with it being Sunday. I do agree, I would think the Imodium would be more beneficial at this point. I am going to do more fiber and protein until I hear back. ...
  3. So I've had my first experience with being glutened after nearly 7 weeks being gluten-free (I was always constipated before, so this is new to me). I am 48 hours with diarrhea. I am concerned not only for my health, but also because I have major surgery scheduled on Thursday. Luckily I don't seem...
  4. Wow, I'm so sorry you dealt with that. I will definitely take a copy of my results.
  5. Thanks everyone! Very helpful! I will be sure to pack and order safe foods. The medications is another big worry of mine. I just pray they take me seriously and understand. I will be sure to question anything and everything I have to take orally, but I worry about surgery too. Thanks...
  6. Sonomas Flatbread pizzas are good, if you can find them. But I prefer making my crust since I am now DF too. Schar has a premade crust that I top with sauce and veggies. Doesn't take much time to put a pizza together with it.
  7. I use Vanicream products for soaps, lotion, and sunblock. Great products, especially if you have other sensitivities as well.
  8. Hey everyone! Hope this is the right board to post to. I have an upcoming surgery (partial thyroidectomy) at the Celeveland Clinic (Marymount). Has anyone stayed there? Or have any overnight hospital experience since being diagnosed? Aside from gluten-free I will also need a dairy...