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  1. Thx so much Cycling lady, I appreciate your feedback!. My issue is that I don't have GI issues, just weight loss and low iron. I understand low iron takes ages to fix (I'm on prescription...
  2. Thanks! you are right! it is more than just beer, I'm trying to understand the science behind the parts per million and what I can and can't have based on that. If less...
  3. Hi recently diagnosed and love my beer. I have been told that daura damm is ok under 6ppm but Canadian celiac associated said still not good enough for celiacs. I am asymptomatic...
  4. Thanks very much, I am going to try the cook's illustrated pizza dough as my last ditch attempt. Then I will follow your recommendation and stay away from it for a while. im...
  5. Help! i have just been diagnosed with Celiac disease. I have a restaurant, specialty food store and cooking class studio. This will be difficult for me but doable except for...