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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Hi Guys, I just thought of giving update on my case. I finally got my EGD done and unfortunately, the conclusion is I have Celiac. There was Villus atrophy and presence of Inflammatory Cells, looks like the atrophy of Villi isn't that worse yet, but of course, I need to get on strict gluten free diet right away. I am planning to see a Dietitian next week to have a healthy gluten free diet plan. Any suggestions from the experts in here are most welcome and appreciated. Thanks
  2. My pain is exactly what you described. In fact, when the Physio tried Taping my knee, they used to do a C tape right on that spot, to provide better knee tracking. So yea, my pain point is right at the knee cap (outer side of both knees) and at times, it's migratory. I have also experienced some elbow pain, but not as bad as knees. However, my fingers in both hands( usually pinky in left hand and index in right hand) get stiff at times and swollen. It sometimes happens couple of times a month or could rare as once a month. I am hoping going gluten free helps. Some ortho docs have recommended me surgery ( based on PFS diagnosis), but I don't think that would help at all. So not sure what other options are out there to explore.
  3. Guys, A few other questions: 1) How long does it take to get some relief from Pain after being gluten free? I am sure it varies for everyone, but in my case, it's been 2 weeks since i have totally avoided gluten but i don't feel any better. In Fact, it's so weird that last night my right knee was paining & had tight hamstrings, but when i woke up, left knee was painful too, out of no where . 2) Is there a particular spot where the pain would be, or is it more migratory in nature. In both of my knees, I do have one spot ( right at kneecap) where it's always painful;, but at times, the lower part of knee also feels the pain (like today). 3) Do you any of you consume supplements like Activated Charcoal ( to get rid of toxins, in case you got glutened) or Good Zymes ( contains enzymes for proper absorption of nutrients). Recently a friend of mine recommended those but I am not sure, specially about the Charcoal thing. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  4. Hi Emma, Sorry for not being clear, but I was tested for RA factor , ANA, Iron Panel and pretty much every possible blood test that was related to Rheumatology or Deficiencies. My Iron and calcium results were normal however, Vitamin D and B12 were deficient, so been taking supplements for those. I am hoping the same by being Gluten Free. My pain is not always constant, though the most painful is doing stairs or sitting/getting up from chair. There are some days where left knee would pain but right knee would appear to be fine, and vice-versa. So to me it always appears that something triggers my pain, so hopefully eliminating Gluten helps. Let me know if you have any suggestions from your experience.
  5. Hi Emma, The ortho doctor didn't give a conclusive diagnosis, but did rule out PFS based off on the history I had provided, as well, after examination of the knee. He referred me to a Rheumat and he ruled out any Musculoskeletal issues, neither did the blood work insinuate anything related to Rheumatology. So that's when I was recommended to get tested for Celiac, and the blood tests confirmed much higher number of antibodies. So I am trying to get off gluten to get rid off the pain. I am at a point where anything that can let me have a normal pain free life, I am up for it. Have you got yourself tested for Celiac?
  6. Hi, I think that probably is the cause for my Low Vitamin D and B12 levels. My vitamin D was as low as 16, and after supplements it was 43 quite recently. I still take Calciferol orally once a week(60000IU) to maintain the levels. My B12 levels was 282 and after taking B12 capsules alternate days, it is now at 512. I also got tested for Calcium which was normal and so were the Iron tests. I am trying to eat clean, whole foods and have a balanced diet but still continuing with multi vitamins to keep the levels maintained. I have already got the blood test done for celiac and the results was positive ( 160 ) as opposed to <20 Antibodies. I haven't got done the Biopsy yet, trying to eliminate gluten completely to see if that helps to alleviate some pain.
  7. Thanks for your suggestions, will try to inculcate as much as I can, not that I have another option, but anything to get rid of the pain. Appreciate your time
  8. I think I'll get back to my doctor to reconsider referring to a GI. Meanwhile, will stick to Total gluten free diet, so the pain can be managed better.
  9. This link is so helpful Karen, thanks much
  10. Thanks Karen. I agree, I need to take it more seriously and probably look for a doctor who would consider this seriously. Could you refer me to a link or a starters guide for Gluten Free diet. I have found some forums online but a lot suggest even using Gluten free soaps, shampoos, etc. So I am not sure, what works what doesn't. I have also tried to eat gluten after being off it for a few weeks, and the day i consumed it, my knees were super soar and painful by end of that day. So I am pretty sure, consuming it makes it worse, just need to understand what all I need to do so the pain goes away completely.
  11. Hi, Thanks for the inputs. Did you get a biopsy done to confirm celiac? I haven't got the Biopsy done yet however, blood tests do suggest Gluten Intolerance. In your experience, do you recommend not eating out at all. or only eat out where it's certain the food isn't contaminated? I haven't been able to establish a hardline on my diet, but I am ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of the pain, so I can do more outdoor stuff or at least able to have normal days with no pain. Thanks for taking your time out to reply.
  12. The doctor recommended to try Gluten free diet first, since my symptoms didn't indicate Intestinal issues, which I still don't have. So for now, i haven't been referred to a GI for biopsy. Should I consider it? Is there a difference between knee pain from Gluten as opposed to mechanical issues with the knee? Appreciate your response.
  13. Hello Everyone, I'd like to have your inputs and thoughts on my case in here. I started feeling knee pain all of a sudden almost 2 years ago. I don't remember of any trauma or injury happening, except for the fact that I was doing treadmill on a daily basis( Speed of 2.5 to 3 and incline of 9), for about 2 months until the pain started. I was also on a carb cycling diet to get in a better shape and was able to lose 15lbs(my current weight is 192lbs and I am 6'2", 32 Years of age). However, after the pain started( walking up/down stairs/sitting & standing/getting in and out of car/wearing shoes), everything went into the gutter. I saw an Orthopedic Doctor/Sports Med in May 2015 and he did some X-Rays diagnosing me with PFS (Patello Femoral Syndrome) and recommended physical therapy for 3 months which would fix the issue. As I started with therapy, I could barely cope with it since exercise would only make the pain worse. So I was injected with Cortisone in both knees and continue with therapy, however, after 2 months of it, there was barely any improvement. Since Cortisone was in effect, the pain was lesser than usual. However, as the effect wore off, it came back. Then in 2016, I saw another Sports Med who very conveniently confirmed the diagnosis of the 1st doctor, and recommended to get another shot and do more therapy. With the desperation to get myself fixed, I agreed and got the injections, which were followed by another round of fluid (Synvisc One) Injections. Thereafter, I did therapy for 3 months but no improvement whatsoever. Meanwhile, I also consulted a Rheumatologist to rule out any other issues. All tests related to Rheumatology were normal and so did the clinical examination suggest. Eventually, I went to another Ortho doctor who finally gave a different diagnosis, confirming I don't have PFS. Our family doctor asked to get some more tests done, like Bone Density, Gluten Sensitivity (TTG) etc. The results showed a very Low Bone Density ( almost Osteopenia) and high anti bodies for Gluten ( 160 ) as to opposed < 20. Since then, I have been trying not to eat gluten intentionally, I do see some relief but still not much improvement. I am quite certain eating out results in contamination etc, and may be consuming gluten by mistake. From your experience , what do you think. Could it be gluten triggered knee pain or could it be some mechanical issue with the knee? It's been 1.5 months since I have been trying to eat gluten free. Any thoughts/ suggestions would mean a lot. Thanks for hearing me out.