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  1. I've been gluten free for about 4 years now and have been successfully eating out in restaurants for the past 2 fairly frequently but just recently realized there are probably a number of options I don't know about. I've incidentally stumbled upon places like Johnny Carino's and Boston's Pizza (a sports bar with gluten free pizza!) through friends and from checking this forum briefly, just saw that Olive Garden also has a gluten free menu. So the chains I know of are outback, pf changs, carabbas, bonefish grille, cheesecake factory, red robin, charlie browns, johnny carino's, boston's pizza, olive garden. What else is out there and seems to have at least an inkling of a clue as to what they're doing (I don't think I'm that sensitive to a little cc).
  2. I'm asking this question despite having been gluten-free for 3 and a half years now . But my diet's been quite restrictive during this time in addition to gluten and I'm only recently adding in a wider variety of foods. So, if I go to pick up say, a block of cheddar cheese, should I contact the company first to make sure it's gluten-free and there hasn't been cross-contamination at the manufacturing facility or is this going overboard? I know it's recommended to check for a product such as potato chips even if there's no gluten ingredients so is it likewise recommended to check something like cheese? I've probably erred on the side of caution in the past but I'm inclined to think it's fine to just buy it without checking, and I don't think I'm all that sensitive to gluten anyway as I've been successfully eating out for a year or 2 now. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. There's an event being hosted at a restaurant this weekend with a buffet being served. The chef is going out of his way to prepare a meal for me separately, and I just want to know what basic information to tell him to cook and prepare a gluten-free meal that he might not intuitively know. I think the meal is going to be a roasted chicken with honey roasted tomatoes meal in case that helps anyone with what I should suggest to him or be watchful for. The only places I've eaten out at before have been the typical places with gluten-free menus (outback, pf chang's, risotteria, etc.). So I don't know if there's some quick list of basic instructions I could email him or something like that. Thanks.
  4. Been a while since I posted here though I skim through the thread occasionally. Hope everyone's doing well. Quick question. Looks like I'm going to try the Humaworm product that you all have spoken so glowingly of. I know that Carla and I think Donna at the least have tried it but don't remember who else has. Anyone had any adverse reactions or lost weight or anything from it? I generally try to stay away from both foods and supplements with a number of ingredients though I've been expanding my diet a bit recently. I also don't want to drop even a couple more pounds as a result of taking it as my weight is getting dangerously low. I'd like to also do a bit more research into the ingredients in it to see what their purpose is, how they interact with each other and with one's body, if there's legitimacy to points I've seen raised of the ingredients themselves contributing to what is consequently expelled from the body, etc., but there's of course only a finite amount of time and I'm allocating that elsewhere. Anyway, just wanted to get a few additional comments from those who have tried it though I expect I'll order it and give it a shot regardless. Thanks.
  5. Quick question: Does anyone know of an organic bar that is gluten-free (preferably dairy and soy free as well though not necessarily) that has a decent protein-carb ratio and not made with almonds or cashews? I've actually found a few recently that have good protein-carb ratios (20+g of protein) and satisfy all of the above criteria except for having almond ingredients. Surprisingly enough, I think I'd handle ones made with peanut ingredients better and would think there should be some out there with peanuts the only nut used but haven't been able to find any that don't include the other nuts. Also, I'm sure some of you know (I saw your reply on lyme net, carla), and you may have already discussed it here, but Blumenthal's investigation into the IDSA has concluded with a number of findings critical of their development of the treatment guidelines and the IDSA has agreed to re-assess their guidelines with certain stipulations implemented. Who knows how it will all eventually turn out but great news nonetheless as far as the investigation goes.
  6. yeah, I think I remember seeing a reference or two to blood pressure but that's not an issue for me... I do match up with most symptoms of elevated barium toxicity, but I match up with many symptom lists so that in itself isn't necessarily indicative of much... and drinking water does indeed seem to be suggested as the most likely source of contamination in the absence of direct exposure to a known source (ie. job exposure/poisoning) I did talk to my LLMD about it and she was just as surprised and confused by the test results as I was... said none of her other patients have ever had a similar test result, which would go against the drinking water being contaminated locally although I suppose it's still possible that say, the water at work is contaminated due to picking up barium in the pipes at some point... though that would naturally mean everyone at my job (about 150 people) are also getting exposed to the high quantities of barium which wouldn't seem likely and since I don't drink the water at my apartment and only ingest any incidentally via veggies cooked in it or brushing my teeth, I don't think drinking water seems very likely at all... which of course leaves me at square one oh, and I'm going to try and get as much information as I can about the test result from the company, but I think they're limited in terms of what types of questions they can answer and the woman I talked to when I called wasn't very helpful... I plan to have another blood draw done in the next few days to see if the test results are replicated and I'll take it from there... thanks for checking some info out for me though...
  7. Just stopping through briefly, hope everyone is doing well. I had a whole blood test done by Doctor's Data labs about a month or 2 ago. I just wanted to get some general bloodwork done for mineral levels and whatnot but the test my LLMD ordered also included a number of metals. Well, when I got my test results back, much to my surprise, barium of all things was way out of the reference range (normal is <10, I'm at 100). I've been researching barium recently, trying to find relevant reference range information, etc. and it certainly seems that the barium level was way too high and similar, if not higher actually, than levels seen in cases of known exposure and poisoning. Apparently, high barium levels in the blood are indicative of acute exposure since barium rapidly is detoxed from the body so my very elevated results indicate either a one-time exposure that week or an ongoing, daily exposure. Since my diet is so constant (and was prior to the test) as were any places/buildings I was around, I'm inclined to think it's the latter and an ongoing exposure. I'm going to request another blood test tomorrow when I go to my LLMD to see if I again have similar results, in which case my suspicions would be confirmed. If that is indeed the case, I have no concrete idea whatsoever as to where I would be getting exposed although drinking water seems to be the most common culprit from what I've read. I pretty much only drink one brand of bottled water and water from the filtration system at work although I do cook and brush my teeth with the water in my apt (doubt that's the source but who knows). Anyway, anyone have any input like this, ever have any similar results or know someone who did? I searched on a couple message boards and the internet and came up with very little. One interesting study I did come across was related to kids with autism (what else is new) having elevated barium and zinc levels and low lithium levels (at least their mothers, I think the kids too). Interestingly enough, my lithium level was the only other level out of the reference range, albeit slightly, and indeed on the low end, and my zinc level was my most elevated mineral level by quite a substantial margin. Just wanted to check if anyone had come across anything along these lines with barium in particular, either from a blood test, hair test, or whatever.
  8. The risotteria is a gluten-free restaurant in the city (well, nearly everything on the menu is gluten-free or is offered as either gluten-free or not gluten-free)... has paninis, pizza, risotto, and salads so it's mostly carb-heavy which is the opposite of my diet... small place, only 10 small tables and a handful of bar seats but they also do takeout and the food was very good... they have a website by the same name if you wanted to check it out oh, by the city, I mean NY... bad habit I guess from growing up in jersey
  9. well, I figured it would be easier to skip trying all the alternative suggestions to put on weight and go straight for some staples like cheesecake and pizza... don't know why nobody suggested that went up to the risotteria on Sunday so everything was gluten-free, but certainly not dairy-free, low in carbs, or good for candida... considering it was the first time I've eaten out in 2 years (which was incidentally also the last time I had dairy) and that I ate a number of different items available (breadsticks, meatballs, some chicken risotto meal, a little pizza, cheesecake, brownie) for dinner and then with a couple meals later that night, it was surprising how little I've reacted this week, relatively speaking... Monday I didn't feel great and probably would have called out from work if it wasn't a holiday though the symptoms were nothing overwhelming and I was able to get stuff done around my apartment... and since then, I've worked my usual current hours (which are increased over what I had been working for a year or so anyway), played ball, etc. and felt fine for the most part with maybe a bit of a worse headache than usual early Tuesday... I'll probably try eating out again sometime in the next couple months at a place like PF Changs and go with a meal more typical of what I eat on a daily basis (less carbs, higher protein), but either way, I've been pleasantly surprised how I've felt this week... to be honest, it seems that I might have reacted just as strongly from a couple spoonfuls of sunflower butter I tried recently as I did to all the food from the Risotteria... anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes... as an aside, I just ordered theralac per my LLMD's recommendation... I know a few people here (carla comes to mind) are taking/were taking it, and I've been considering trying another probiotic for a while... my LLMD also recommended Transfer Factor, which I'm gonna check out a little more before ordering... don't know if anyone is currently taking it though I've seen rachel mention it as well as autism MBs if memory serves me correctly..
  10. Hey, thanks for the list. As for foods, I'm not sure as I've been on a very restrictive diet for a while. But I seem to tolerate nightshade foods better than legumes/nuts/nut and seed butters. Avocadoes I don't know, bought them once to try but they went bad before I got around to using them. And I don't actually drink smoothies or anything, just something I'm thinking of trying to concoct from different ingredients. Most of the ideas suggested here like oils, seed butters, coconut oil/milk, etc. I've already considered or even bought and stored in the cabinet to try in the future. Guess it's just a matter of trying these things and seeing what happens. My nutritionist recommended buffered C to me as well as activated charcoal a couple years ago. Chlorella I already have though I haven't used it yet. Probably gonna try it relatively soon though. Histamine is released by the body during allergic reactions, correct? So wouldn't anybody having a lot of allergic reactions have issues with histamine buildup or is it not that simple? My mind's shot right now and I don't know much about the histamine aspect in the first place so any info would be appreciated. I'm pretty sure that a number of people who I've seen report benefits from MB12 have food issues so I'm assuming there's more to the equation.
  11. alright, well, I figure I may as well get around to asking a few of the things I wanted to bring up when I posted a bit a month ago... I don't react well to activated charcoal, leaves me more fatigued though I haven't tried it in a year and a half (also didn't test well for it during the bio-energetic testing I had done)... probably also isn't practical for me as the longest I ever really go between meals is 3 hours in the evening... so anyone have any suggestions for an alternative binding agent that's used for similar applications, say upon the feeling of reacting to a food or whatnot... also, is anyone here taking (or has taken) MB12? I know it's extensively mentioned on lyme net and autism message boards, and I'm inclined to think it would be beneficial for me to try it to aid in addressing the cognitive symptoms... after I learn a bit more about it, I plan to discuss it with my LLMD next appt and see about getting a prescription for it... lastly, anyone with very restrictive diets have any recommendations for foods to try and gain weight? I'm back to pretty much a meats and veggies diet (well, basically the same diet I've been on for a while minus potato chips) and am trying to find alternative foods I can add in, at least here or there if not more regularly, that I won't react to (or will minimally react to) and that have a bit of calories... I tried sunflower butter once as an alternative to the nut butters but didn't seem to do well at all with that.. don't do great with cashews either... got some hemp milk I may try mixed with a low sugar fruit and maybe something else to boost the calorie total but could use some ideas if you guys have any...
  12. I wouldn't worry way too much about it and I'd recommend just rotating foods as to the extent that is practical for you... there isn't a magic formula per se, it's just typically recommended to have 2 or 3 days in between foods so that you can pinpoint if you have a reaction, delayed or immediate, to one of the staple foods in your rotation diet... from my experiences on an elimination diet, I had difficulties pinpointing reactions as I didn't really have an established day to day decent overall feeling to use as a basis for comparison as I was generally feeling off or some symptom... so it was mostly just making the best educated guesses for myself as to whether or not certain staple foods I was eating were causing or exacerbating any symptoms... so I would say it's fine to eat something 2 days in a row at times and then not eat for a few days or eat something M, W, and then not again until the weekend... you could always try a couple weeks of being strict with the rotation aspect if you wanted and then be more flexible with it if you've pinpointed some foods you're suspicious of and feel more comfortable eating other foods...
  13. NC has a religious exemption for vaccinations... pretty much every state except for 2, I think, have religious exemptions... some have philosophical exemptions as well but not NC.. the religious exemptions are fairly easy to obtain even if you aren't necessarily religious, at least from what I understand... though I suppose that could differ from state to state... a friend of mine obtained a religious exemption in Nevada recently for his daughter... here are a couple sites with exemption information for NC link 1 link 2 I only scanned the links briefly, but I think they provide you with what you need to know for NC to get the exemption...
  14. I've had hypoglycemia since I was in my early teens, had to actually get permission one year I had a late lunch to go the nurse's office and snack mid-day... both my parents have hypo as well... wasn't too bad for a few years around when I was in college, but it's gotten progressively worse the past 5 years... I was also pre-diabetic according to an OGTT 5 years ago and if I remember right, my BS was at 159 at 2 hrs (<140 is normal) and down to around 50 at hour 3... I don't think the ABX made much of a difference if any in regards to the hypoglycemia... I only took them for 2 months this summer and my hypoglycemia was already out of control beforehand and isn't any different now than before ABX... I've been on a mostly candida diet since Jan, 2007 with 5 or so of those months being extremely strict... I've also taken caprylic acid daily at times in 2007.. I additionally was on a very strict candida diet for a couple months in the summer of 2006, when I was taking another antifungal SF722, which adversely affected me for the 6 weeks I took it... lastly, I have been on a relatively low-carb, high protein diet for years now, even prior to going gluten-free at the start of 2006 going to a candida diet has actually worsened the hypoglycemia, requiring me to eat meals more frequently... that's probably also in part due to me beginning a weekly physical activity routine... the diet and usage of antifungals at times has also caused me to drop a bit of weight (weight that I don't have to spare)... however, I seem to feel better on this type of diet, which is why I remain on it, strictly for the past few months... it's not gonna do anything to improve the hypoglycemia though, at least not on its own... and my mom, who was on a candida diet for 7 years with a couple being extremely strict, and recovered from her symptoms to good health still has to eat and snack frequently, albeit not anywhere to the level that I do nor would she experience as severe reactions if she does crash...
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