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  1. Jmg- Thank you for your reply. I just don't know if I could go through these symptoms again to be tested. I think I will just continue to be gluten free and never ever decide to try it again. This has been a rough 3 months and I am hoping that resting and nutrition will cause a turn around soon.
  2. I had muscle aches and fatigue and anxiety when eating wheat. I had some tests done. They said something was low, I forget now what it was called, but they recommended that because of it. For some reason I decided to try it again and I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but my health went downhill quickly after I started eating it everyday again. I just wasn't sure if the symptoms could last for 3 months. I have read several articles that say it could take 3-6 months to get over one time eating gluten.
  3. So you said 2-6 weeks for me it has been 2 months. Could that be because I ate other things like oats, corn & rice that I also react to during that time & it is keeping my system inflamed?
  4. I was gluten free for about a year and feeling great, then I started eating twizzlers and wasn't really thinking about the gluten in them. I was started to feel off all the time. Then I got a really bad cold virus and wanted some warm chicken noodle soup and ate that for about 2 weeks and of course wasn't feeling well because I already had a cold. Then I just completely crashed one day. Started having extreme fatigue and weakness. Muscle pain. Stomach problems. Anxiety and panic attacks. I immediately stopped eating the noodles and went back to gluten free. I noticed that eating oats caused the same reaction. Now it is two months out and I am still feeling weak and fatigued. Other symptoms are: hard time sleeping, muscle pain, crying easily, panic attacks, reactions to almost everything I eat now. However it is gradually seeming to subside. Questions...Can gluten have a cumulative affect where the symptoms just keep getting worse the more you keep eating and eventually cause a crash? Can the symptoms last for 2-3 months or longer? Can oats cause the same reaction (the oats were gluten free)?