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    Spending time with my best friend John my husband of 46 years. My seven dogs, two cats and a pet squirrel. Cooking and baking gluten free, a challenge I love, making delicious nutritious gluten free food. Gardening, growing flowers, vegi's and herbs. Canning jams, jellies vegetables and fruit in season. Reading British novels, I am an Anglo-phyle. I am a beader who loves to design and make jewelry.
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    I live in the southeast, near the blue ridge mountains. A "dyed in the wool southerner".

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About Me

I am a 72 year old retired psychotherapist, who has so many interests there are not enough hours in the day to enjoy them all.

I have celiac disease, as does most everyone in my father's family, I found out, but celiac disease does not define me. I think I have been given a miracle with my Dx. I have more energy than I have had since my 20's. I sleep soundly like a baby now. My achy joints are gone, even the swelling. My face looks normal not swollen. Brain fog gone, poor memory gone. I feel sharp as a tack since being off gluten. Had all my teeth fixed, osteoporosis, bone scan is better, no longer anemic, vitamin and mineral levels are normal for the first time ever, even with supplimentation they were not before getting off gluten. I have MGUS, pre cancerous condition for multiple myleoma, my numbers were going up, after six months off gluten, my numbers came down! 

Since being Dx. I have spent the past 18 months reading scientific papers on celiac disease, educating myself. What an eye opener it is and I am sure celiac disease goes undiagnosed and just the symptoms get treated. I have been lactose intolerant all my life. Off gluten 8 months and I am no longer lactose intolerant. Read an article by Perter Green, MD at Columbia University Medical School that confirmed my theory that as the villi in the small intestine healed, they began excreting lactase enzyme again. Very validating.

Eating out is my greatest challenge. I have been glutenated three times this year eating out at major chain restaurants, Olive Garden, Cheesecsake Factory, local chain StaxOmega. Giving specific instructions about preparation for a gluten free meal for a celiac has proven to be for not. For the time being, I have given up eating out. I am a great cook, but a girl does like to eat out now and then.:rolleyes:.


  1. The grilled chicken at Chick Filet has been marinaded in a marinade that contains MSG. I found this out after reacting to their gluten free chicken sandwich. I am a very sensitive Celiac and contacted their corporate office. I am also allergic to MSG! Be careful out there.
  2. See an ear nose and throat (ENT) doctor about your vertigo. I have had problems with vertigo for years. It may be simply that you have fluid behind the drum or an inner ear infection. A diutretic for a few days and a few doses of 5mg Valium May help. Valium works on the balance center of the brain...
  3. This is a great article! I am educating all my doctors about celiac disease. One component that was overlooked is vitamin defiency or mal absorption syndrome. Even with supplementation I could never get my Vitamin D levels above 29, then Dx myself, went gluten free and my next lab showed a level...
  4. Lazy thinkers of America unite. Instead of pissing and mouning about not understanding the content, why don’t you express some gratitude for the scientific information that researchers are working hard, as reported, for trying to find help for Celiacs.
  5. Yes, Kareng, I stated in the first line of my post that I have serious autoimmune issues with seaweed. In celiac circles, it is referred to as the wheat of the sea because so many celiacs react to the protein in seaweed as they do the protein in wheat. No reference is too it actually being wheat...
  6. Yes, Kareng MSG is gluten free. I react to any product made with seaweed. I have an autoimmune reaction to the protein in seaweed, “ the wheat of the sea”, as serious as with gluten. This is true for many Celiacs. MSG, carrageenan, agar, alginate and sodium alginate are all made with seaweed. So...
  7. I just spent two days in bed with horrible joint, bone pain, muscle aches, feeling agitated, and severe headaches. I was a screaming Mimi with extreme anger and explosive diarrhea. All are my symptoms of an autoimmune reaction to gluten. Now that I can think a little straighter, I realize these symptoms...
  8. Yes, this is correct. I feel safer just not buying their products in the future. I am 73 and a very sensitive Celiac with many allergies, so I must take care of myself. I am waiting for a reply to my email to Udi’s.
  9. You are correct Ennis. I have given up eating out. Unless you are in the kitchen, you just do not know what is happening there. Sorry you cannot eat Udi products either, just for a different reason. I had read online at another site that their factories were not dedicated factories. I think my issue...
  10. I am having problems with Udi bakery goods. I have explosive diarrhea, joint pain every time I eat Udi products. I know they are no longer made in a dedicated factory, so cross contamination may be a problem. Also, I react to anything made with seaweed, MSG, carrageenan, agar and alginate. I noticed...
  11. Cross contamination is a big one, Tyler is correct. My husband and I have separate toasters, peanut butter jars, margarine tubs and only buy safe condiments in shake or squeeze bottles. I use parchment paper or foil on all baking sheets. We use the sanitize cycle each time we use the dishwasher....
  12. Look at carreggenan. I am a super sensitive Celiac and have the same auto immune reaction to anything made with seaweed, “the wheat of the sea”, such as MSG, carrageenan, agar and sodium alginate. The food industry is putting it in everything, even so called Misbranded gluten free foods. Even som...
  13. Get another opinion on your gastric sleeve. In 2014 I was Dx with a giant para esophageal hernia. In other words my stomach was in my chest. I had a surgery to pull my stomach back into my abdomen. Two months later I am suffering. Collapsed left lung, vagal nerve compression and now my stomach was...
  14. Everything you are saying is indicative of celiac disease. Empirically speaking. I had three weeks of the worse anxiety I had ever had following giving up gluten. It was like a horrible withdrawal. My insides felt like they were shaking and I jumped at the slighted noise. It began to subside...
  15. Look at carreggenan. It is made with seaweed, "the wheat of the sea", I react to these products just like gluten, as do many celiacs. So is MSG, alginate and agar. Check your dairy for these. Even nut milks are adding carreggenan, soups etc. I am an extremely sensitive celiac, Dx at 71. I react to...