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  1. I did call the number on the box. GSK did buy the Novartis Gas X brand. I was given the same typical response. We don't use any wheat, rye, or barley. But since we don't do testing we can't guarantee other companies ingredients we use in the product could contain gluten.
  2. So my doc. recommended me to take Gas X. And of course I constantly read conflicting reports if it contains gluten here and on the internet. Whether they are chewables or gel caps form. I've read that 'Gas X' gel caps by Novartis are gluten free. But on store shelves I only see 'Gas X' gel caps by GSK (glaskosmithkline). Maybe GSK bought Novartis??????? Can anyone, who has done recent verification, tell me if 'Gas X' gel caps by GSK are gluten free.
  3. I found this if your into learning gluten-free Italian cooking on your vacation. https://getaway.jovialfoods.com/gluten-free-italian-style/
  4. Not a celiac retreat. But might be something I will do! Thanks for this. I spent a day for work in Prague. Went to Mustek area for dinner....not diagnosed at the time. Cool area to visit. Ya, you might see me there.
  5. Me too. Especially also for a single person like myself and who rarely cooked before diagnosed. I think it would be very useful and probably save the insurance companies a lot of money in the long run by reducing the doctors visits, urgent care stops, and medicines they prescribed.
  6. Which dairy free kefir product do you take? Something like KeVita? If so, which one.
  7. I was wonder if anyone knows of any retreats for struggling celiac's? A place to get away and get to help with diet, anxiety, etc. done by professionals.
  8. Thanks so much. I had blood work done a couple of days ago and everything is normal. I'm occasionally take a mag. powered another member suggested. Maybe I should it every day. I was only taking it when I woke up at night. I'm taking a 5 strain CVS brand probiotic. I will see about adding dairy free kefir and try to eat more whole foods.
  9. Is that true? I'm 7 months diagnosed and used to take very few prescriptions. I think I got cross contamination a few months ago and my gut hasn't been well since. It has caused me lack of sleep, anxiety, and increasingly more severe stomach pain. Now I'm on three prescriptions from cramping, sleep, and anxiety. Bentyl (cramping), trazodone (sleep), Sertraline HCL (generic Zoloft). Some of my pharmacists seem clueless when I ask about gluten in the prescription. They show me a drug list but I don't know if these ingredients contain gluten. Maybe my SIBO has returned and is getting worse and I'm thinking I'm being glutened. I'm seeing my GI doc. Friday.
  10. What prescription drugs hidden ingredients do you look for that contain gluten?
  11. Are you talking about this power? https://www.luckyvitamin.com/p-1009582-doctor-s-best-high-absorption-magnesium-powder-with-traacs-100-chelated-200-mg-7-1-oz
  12. My doc gave me some Xanax which puts me sleep but because it's addictive didn't give me many. After a month I stop taking it I started waking up sometimes sweating and because of previous pins and needles I was getting has me start taking generic Zoloft due to anxiety...he says. Had a bunch of blood tests and every is ok. Thought something else might be going on. The generic Zoloft don't seem to help me sleep ALL night and don't know if I want to take them because of side effects. I've only taken them for about 5 days now.
  13. Been about 5 1/2 months since diagnosis. For the last few weeks I've been waking up around 2 or 3am from a dream and can't get back to sleep. Anyone had luck beating insomnia? And what did you do to beat it. Doing yoga didn't help. I have a tweeked back and can't run.
  14. Your clueless. Duck Food spent a lot to prove their beer certificated gluten free. Extensive — like lots and lots of — testing shows that this enzyme reduces the gluten content in beer to undetectable amounts (0-5 ppm) and the FDA considers a food gluten-free if it falls below 20 ppm And he added the enzyme to non gluten-free beer at a bar. Get arrested, ya right.
  15. My friend said he has seen his friend put a drop or two in beers at bars. But doesn't remember what he does after adding it to beer (like steering) but said he drank it almost immediately. I would call White Labs in San Diego if your interested. His friend is a co-founder of Duck Foot Brewing. They make gluten-free beer and "think" buy the White Labs enzyme to remove from gluten for their gluten-free beer. And it's what he adds when he goes to bars. http://duckfootbeer.com/more-about-gluten/
  16. A beer making friend at work knows this guy who's celiac and adds a drop of two to his beer. Says it doesn't alter the taste. https://whitelabs.com/other-products/wln4000-clarity-ferm
  17. I was reading that wheat paste could be used to seal the barrel. Artificial coloring in some whiskey's are allowed that could have gluten. Like scotch and rums.
  18. If your looking for some more high end, Appleton estate rum is gluten-free. I might be buying one soon. Don't know what to do with my bourbon/rye collection....crying....tears.
  19. Anyone know if there's a test kit available for alcoholic beverages?
  20. I live in earthquake CA. After recently being diagnosed and seeing Harvey I was wondering what are good gluten free disaster kits or options. I'm looking for meals that will fill me up like a regular (or close to) meals and will last for at least two weeks. I see some on Amazon. But wondering if there are more lower cost options out there from other places (like REI, etc.). I don't live in a house where I can stockpile and takes up a lot of space. So I'm looking for products where I can add water (freeze dried). Maybe put in a backpack.
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