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  1. I have to agree wtih Raven, anywhere that has a Wegmans near is celiac haven. I would not have had such an easy transition without that store.
  2. I know I didn't- in fact the only thing that I knew was when I read my results in the computer at work and I kept thinking wow- I wonder why? Nothing felt off.
  3. My AST, ALT and ALKphos were all elevated pre-celiac and my doctor told me we would watch them and once I was gluten free they should go back down, and 3 months into it they were all within the ranges. I have not had them tested in years now. My labs were not that high out of range either. 10-...
  4. I usually buy the Wegmans brand and its labeled as gluten free. I need my ice cream.....
  5. I use it often and do not get ill from it. Could something else be bothering you?
  6. I have to agree the CC would be through the roof. I loved BK in my pre-celiac days. Honestly didnt know they did Taco's
  7. malodextrin is actually safe. I use this seasoning all the time. Enjoy!
  8. I have to add, I was never to a Fuddruckers before I moved to Harrisburg, there are none up in the area I came from. The first time I went even before gluten-free I was not impressed. There is always a long line to order, and I was not there during the typical dining hours, the prices weren't that...
  9. I did have a salad there a long time ago and had no ill effects....not many other choices as I saw and the staff was not very helpful in answering questions I had....
  10. I'm her friend cause she's cool!!!!!!!! And the wedding is coming soon- so happy for you!

  11. This happens to my fiance' and a lot of my patients, it seems as if the dye irritates them. One of my patients refuses to do the contrast anymore.