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  1. Morning Sillies

    The soups come in boxes like swanson broth- ready to serve. I bought the cream of mushroom but I haven't used it yet.

    Yesterday I made the favorite chicken nuggets recipe from Chex.com. It came out very nice, first time I ever breaded chicken on my own. they were very tasty. the recipe wasn't under the gluten free I dont think but I just use my own ingredients.

    Jess is there room for me on your voyage? I take up little room and I dont smell at all....that I admit or am aware of ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada Sillies!!!! Eat Lots for me!!!

  2. Sillies

    must tell you I love all your new nicknames for me! I love the surprises

    Must admit even if John and I choose the fertility route we already discussed things that we would not allow we are not going to be the next John and Amanda plus 6 and no way in hell am I going to be OctoManda.....My Vjay isnt going to be like a log flume and keep spitting out logs~ nope 1 per ride :)

    Jess- sorry to hear you have such long days--yikes! Nighty Night

  3. Hi Sillies- a very not so phunny time on our side.

    John and I have started the journey through the reproductive endo clinic in hopes of getting pregnant. My dr there really believes that John's past medical history might be what is holding it up- so John gave some love in a cup and now we are waiting nervously for the results. I dont think we will hear till tomorrow...but its hard to wait. We have discussed what options he and I would seek if it is a problem but I am hoping it doesn't come to that. To make this even more emotional and crazy- I had some blood work drawn the other day and I went into the online med records system to check them (which is allowed for myself) and then I happen to see that my coworkers son was looking at my stuff and he would have no business in there. He works at one of our off-site drs offices but not an office I go to or one that any of my drs would be in contact with- so that is disturbing. Plus right now more than ever there is very personal stuff in there- stuff about me and John's private lives that even my coworkers do not know about. I am not even sure what to do about it since I work with the guys mother.....oh its terrible! I feel violated...and not in a good way!

    John and I are doing good. John is getting over viral bronchitis.

    things are work are ok- still have problems with my boss but that doesnt matter. I still have no respect for her. She is just a nasty woman..

    I just came from a beginning of fall shopping spree. I went to Kohls cause I needed pants- and bought me some dockers which I love since they dont seem to shrink. then I got some cute tops and a new over the shoulder boudler holder. Spent 85 but then got to the register and got one of those scratch coupons and I got 15 off! So I spent 70 instead! Score!

    Can someone help me get a cute thing in my sig--I think they look cute!

  4. Morning Sillies

    Tis 9:21 am and I am already sick of stupid people....and the countdown till 4:30 begins.

    You all look like you had a phun philled wkend. I didnt have must time to jump on and post. Rained so much Thurs-Sat I was thinking it was time to start construction on me ark. Now it seems like we are getting summer like weather again.

    I am so glad I got headphones too at my desk- they are coming in handy today- seems like everyone is surfing the crimson wave.... :ph34r:

    so I am sitting hear rocking out to Power Ballads on winamp and eating Glutino Pretzels and Peanut Butter...and just ignoring the chaos surrounding me!

  5. Loved that cold water on my heiny :huh:

    Not sure my heiny would like the bidet....I must too American :P

    Thats as bad as reading on CNN this morning about those pilots striking in FL and that they have no bathrooms on the cargo planes...the company took the bathrooms out to save money...so now the male and female pilots must use bags to go to the toliet....whats wrong with this pic?

    Judy nice to see you. Hope things at your crib get better? What has gotten into my vocab today? sheesh!

    Lissagh must provide a detailed summary including our tribute to Dr Seuss. We make up one hell of a creative team tofgether!

    Alright--off to Kipona and then stopping at MIL's...she is still a little angry that we didnt drop by the picnic yesterday.

    And the little cat is still here at my house. Will try to upload pics to PhaceBook later. He is a darling, and we are taking him to the vet tomorrow. He has a bum paw...and limps quite bad.

    Peace Out Sillz~