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  1. Hoping somebody can help me - I am confused. I have celiac disease, as does my sister and nephew. OUr house has been gluten free for 7 years so my children eat very little gluten (only outside the home at friends etc). However, since Xmas my 13 year old son has been eating lunch at school more...
  2. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 years ago with positive ttg and biopsy. Since then, I have never had fully normalized ttg levels (did decrease to 27 at one point, now consistently 70++). Doctor just did subsequent scope to rule out refractory celiac - which he has. Here are biopsy results...
  3. Thanks. They have ruled out most other AI issues - been tested for thyroid, diabetes etc. Last time I was in he ran a slew of blood work and said he would get to the bottom of this. He might send me to hematologist because of a few of the blood work results but wanted to do scope first to see...
  4. I just had my 3rd upper endoscopy after being diagnosed with celiac disease 6 years ago. The reason for the scan is persistant raised ttg levels (70+) despite being strictly gluten free (our household is gluten free as well). So my GI doctor is concerned about the possibility of refractory celiac...