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  1. Hoping somebody can help me - I am confused. I have celiac disease, as does my sister and nephew. OUr house has been gluten free for 7 years so my children eat very little gluten (only outside the home at friends etc). However, since...
  2. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 years ago with positive ttg and biopsy. Since then, I have never had fully normalized ttg levels (did decrease to 27 at one point, now consistently 70++). Doctor just did subsequent scope to rule out...
  3. Thanks. They have ruled out most other AI issues - been tested for thyroid, diabetes etc. Last time I was in he ran a slew of blood work and said he would get to the bottom of this. He might send me to hematologist because of a few of...
  4. I just had my 3rd upper endoscopy after being diagnosed with celiac disease 6 years ago. The reason for the scan is persistant raised ttg levels (70+) despite being strictly gluten free (our household is gluten free as well). So my GI...