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  1. so if i have been gluten free for a week will reintroducing it suck really bad???? i'm working a lot so i don't have time to waste feeling. sick ? @Ennis_TX
  2. well i haven't gotten tested because i am still not certain of gluten being the problem so i just wanted to cut it out and see if anything changes before i need to deal with being tested.
  3. ok today is officially one week i've been gluten free and i haven't made any noticeable differences in feeling better. my first question is: how long should i wait to expect changes to occur? am i not giving it enough time? prior to going gluten free one of my issues was constipstion, as well as...
  4. i have been having health issues for a while so i'm finally giving up gluten to see if i'm gluten sensitive and if that's the issue. it's been 48 hours since i've had gluten and prior to this point i had been constipated for months. in the last two days i've gone 6 or 7 times. is my body getting...