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  1. I have beyond beef crumbles but was afraid to use them! good to know they are gluten free, i guess i should've checked into it but i was a bit overwhelmed with everything. I went through my pantry yesterday and separated gluten containing foods from the other foods.
  2. I am having the same issue and its only been a week, all of a sudden I am having this discharge and itching!!!I (I have also been going through PMS this week) I have done nothing different, I am married and have the same partner, so an STD is not on my radar. Does anyone know if there is a correlation...
  3. Good morning y'all! Thank you all so much for your responses!!! This is too cool, being able to relate with others and get advice. However, I do not have insurance, and no more cash to spend on this right now. I have read that I should have gotten the testing done before quitting gluten but i...
  4. I am vegan and i love eating vegan! However, I just discovered that I am gluten intolerant. I was having a hard time dealing with that news as I have gotten really suited into my vegan diet and a lot of my foods contain gluten. I was thinking that maybe Id have tp give up my lifestyle and return...
  5. Hi, I am also one week gluten free and I twice i got a small, itchy rash on my feet but after some investigation i realized I was unknowingly consuming gluten. I had gotten some french fries from a fast food restaurant and got very gassy and itchy. Another day this week i ate cereal made from oats...