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  1. hi! My name is Jill. I'm new here and I had a few questions. I was diagnosed about a year ago. I tried the gluten free diet but gave up. Since then my symptoms have gotten increasingly worse. I was sick for many years before finally getting a proper diagnosis, and it was a surgeon who finally did. He sent me to a dietician and that was it. It wasn't until I started reading The "Gluten-Free Bible" that i realized there is more to it than just a gluten-free diet. I was never told that i should take a multi vitamin because of malabsorption, but it wouldn't matter anyway really, because i wouldn't absorb that anyway, they pass right through me. So i guess some of my questions are: What multi vitamins do you guys suggest? which ones seem to digest the best? Do your doctors suggest that you have bone density tests? every year? I have never had one. I am 31 years old by the way. Do you guys suggest any books on celiac or gluten-free cookbooks? anything like that? Do you know of any chain restaurants that have gluten-free menus? i heard that applebee's did, but the ones in my town do not. any other info you guys could pass on that might help would be much appreciated. thanks alot Jill
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