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  1. No I think for a positive test you need to be eating gluten for a certain period of time otherwise the test can produce erronous results. 1 If you have been on a gluten free diet the test can produce a false negative 2 After a period of time of being gluten free your gut can heal itself (in many cases...although this might take time) and so any test taken (blood test or biopsy) will potentially produce a false negative. 3 It is possibe to test whether or not you have the genes for celiac. If you have a family history, your symptoms are alleviated by removing gluten and you have the right genes for celiac, to my mind its very likely even if you dont test postive officially (science can get it wrong sometimes for various reasons).
  2. Dawn_Ambrose

    Gluten Free Coffee

    http://www.takepart.com/article/2014/08/11/coffee-adulterated https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/how-was-your-morning-coffee-did-it-taste-like-mud-v6rfdmrrr92 http://grist.org/food/coffee-taste-like-dirt-thats-because-it-might-be/ " Using liquid chromatography, which identifies the individual chemical components of a mixture, the Brazilian scientists found wheat, soy bean, brown sugar, barley, corn, and rice commonly interspersed with the grounded coffee they tested. Large amounts of wood and dirt were also prevalent, an issue not only for purists who prefer to drink their coffee black, but for those with potential allergies to the unknown additives. As TIME reports, the scientists are identifying the rogue coffee with increasing accuracy:" http://www.bodyandsoul.com.au/health/health-news/is-there-wheat-hidden-in-your-coffee/news-story/a3d53a7c36b76156f08d89eab6a396b3 ----- I have also read other references to coffee upsetting those with celiac. Personally I have a family history of officially diagnosed celiac even though I have never been diagnosed myself..then again Ive never been properly tested. My drs just keep saying the following symptoms are anxiety and wont refer me to a gastroenterologist for: Loss of bowel control, pale coloured stools, severe bloating, passing undigested food, ataxia, vertigo, migraine headaches, feeling feverish, repeated ulcers on my tongue and in my mouth, feeling generally ill and sleep issues (mostly falling asleep when I dont want to but rarely insomnia). Because they insist its anxiety as routine blood tests are normal they wont refer me to a gut dr. They did do a blood test for celiac once on my request but it came back negative. This does not phase me when it comes to my suspicians that gluten is an issue for me because: 1 I was on a gluten free diet at the time, hence why i was well enough to crawl to the gps office. 2 I have a family history of celiac 3 MY symptoms are alleviated by a gluten free, dairy free, oat free, corn free diet..and lately, coffee free it seems. Coffee has indeed become a problem for me recently. 4 I could not tolerate gluten based baby foods as an infant. I was admitted to hospital as a baby for being underweight because I was vomitting all my food up. They put me on gluten free formula and i was fine, stopped being sick and gained weight. I could have grown out of it but considering the symtpoms i get on a gluten based diet, i really doubt it. ----- When it comes to the coffee, food manufacturers will do most anything to make profits if they think they can get away with it. We live in a world where money is most important and if they do get caught...they can always claim they have no idea how the barley got in there!
  3. Dawn_Ambrose

    Gluten Free Coffee

    Thing is, they don't fess up to it. So you will never really know if your coffee is actually gluten free.
  4. Dawn_Ambrose

    Gluten Free Coffee

    To the OP You are aware that there have been recent reports of certain coffee manufacturers filling out their coffee with such things as wheat, barley, twigs, mud etc in order to make it stretch futher, especially during times of low crop yield. Some coffee's have been tested and found to contain gluten. The stick wheat/grains in just about everything these days, why not your brew?
  5. To be intolerant of so many different foods? Gluten (I.e wheat, barley, rye). In regards to this I have a family history of Celiac disease (brother and mother) and apparently had to have gluten free baby food when I was a baby because I could not tolerate the gluten based formulas/foods. I am not dignosed with celiac disease though (as far as I'm aware..i only found about needing gluten free foods as baby from reading a few of my medical notes, but not all of them. Apparenlty I was underweight and being sick. They put me on gluten free food and I was fine). Dairy...cheese seems to be ok, cream is fine if i dont over do it, butter is fine if I dont over do it, milk makes me flatulant and will almost go straight through me if I drink it. Coffee....straight through/gut ache/headache. Oats....straight through. Sugar...Makes me irritable and hungry Soya...straight through again Artifical sweeteners...Migraine Fruit....can tend to irritate my IBS but it depends on what it is. Im basically reduced to just eating meat, fish, seafood, limited fruits, limited amount of nuts (too many give me jip but they are ok in moderation), some green vegetables and only drinking water. Could I have another issue causing my loss of bowel control, pale colour stools (which apparently float) or can a person really be intolerant to all the foods listed above at the same time? Don't tell me to see a dr. I have long term health issues in the form of fatigue, brain fog, feeling generally ill, bloating, loss of bowel control, stomach pain, pale stools, loss of bowel control etc which they just keep putting down to anxiety and depression. As this has been writen on my medical records they won't take my symptoms seriously even though they are often crippling. I did ask about celiac due to my history and the family history but the dr just laughed at me. One did do a blood test whilst I was on a gluten free diet a few years ago but it was negative. I did go back to gluten after that but am now back off gluten again (for 4 weeks now ive been gluten free) and whilst Ive had improvements in symptoms such as fagitue, brain fog, bloating, acid reflux etc I still get some loss of bowel control especially after drinking coffee or milk. Im just looking for a resolution to my symptoms. Something is making me feel really ill and has been for years. I still suspect gluten as its only been a month since i stopped eating it again and it really does seem to knock me about a lot (I found out about my gluten free need for baby food after i started suspecting gluten to be an issue) but I cant get anyone or the drs to take me seriously because i was given a mental health label for my symptoms. Its gotten to the point im considering going to the CAB as health services keep trying to give me support for a bunch of symptoms i dont have such as beating myself up, self loathing, constant melancholy (not that im feeling happy with my life right now but i wouldnt say i was constantly low for no reason...i just need to change things so my life is better), or for anxiety im not experiencing (such as when i get diarrhea). I also feel feverish a lot and get muscle and sometimes joint pain (more muscle than joint). I seem to be sensitive to so many differnt foods, I just don't know what to do with my gut or how to get a second opinon whilst avoiding the NHS. Its been 20 years, if they wont listen to me in that time they are not going to so its obviously time to do or see someone else...but whom and/or what? Any suggestions please, im at my whits end...
  6. Dawn_Ambrose

    Horrific alcohol reaction

    Personally, when it comes to alcohol, it depends on the type i have consumed. Wine: gives me a migraine due to salycic acid content Lager: gives me gut rot Vodka (triple distilled) is find as long as I dont mix it with anything nasty like sugar or aspartame laced beverages (I usually opt for fizzy or soda water). And so on and so forth.
  7. Dawn_Ambrose

    Symptoms that Come and Go

    I can eat a gluten based diet for a short period of time but it's not too long before things get worse again and i start to show symptoms. My answer to your question is that celiac is an autoimmune disease that causes gradual damage to the digestive tract, not an allergy like response that is instant. Therefore: It is perfectly feasible that your partner can eat gluten for a period of time (after being on a gluten free diet) before they starts to show symptoms from it. Why? When you eat gluten the immune system is activated and, through various processess, attacks and causes damages to the digestive system. At first, when the damage is minor, there will be few symptoms (in my experience, acid reflux and bloating are the first to appear) and so you feel that you are ok eating gluten. After a period of time however, the damage accumulates so the syptoms worsen. Not only now do you have bloating etc but you also have bowel/gut damage causing problems with malabsorption, bloating, flatulance etc as well. Basically if you stay away from gluten your gut will heal (this is NOT an allergy where you get instant symptoms if you eat gluten based foods, in this instance if you eat gluten your gut will be gradually damaged and real symptoms wont show untill that damage is sufficient. If your gut is gradually damaged, this will result in digestive (and other) issues over a long period of time. The reason your partner, to my mind, can eat gluten for 6 months or more after a gluten free diet is because it takes this long for sufficient damage to occur to the digestive tract after the consumption of gluten. The majority of symptoms wont appear until the digestive damage is sufficient enough. I grew up with a brother with celiac disease, have a family history of it and have to eat a gluten free diet myself (as an adult and as a baby). Even I can eat it for a limited amount of time before i start getting sick from eating it, but after all is said and done I do best on a permanently gluten free diet all the same. On saying that i also have issues with oats, cows dairy, soya and allicin (onion family foods). The gut is a sensitive system it seems......Although thats ok by me.