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  1. packing anxiety !! (well, really severe packing ADHD in my case, surely that cannot be the same with YOU, Pads??) Frizzy hair !! chickens !! summit where we can't all gather Yes, better you tarted the Psummit chat thread on FB, else I'd be cryin my eyes out now. Miss my Psills, though...
  2. Sills <confused face>. WHERE are me smilies ????? I logged on to get really sad about the Psummit I am missing.....expecting to read all about the parade, yeti's braided seashells and sequins, court jesters and crutch tips and.....nuttin ?????? WHAT IS GOING ON??? thought...
  3. HOLY COW Emmel that is fan-freaking-tastic !! Now.....if only we could get Ellen diagnosed w Celiac....hmmm.....couldn't this be done....somehow?? I mean.....if we pooled all our money....did something tricksy.....
  4. it MUST be hard....three years is a long way off...but you have a DREAM and a GOAL, and you will do it....amazing ! but...um...yer gonna eat yer civkebs??? me too, Loey, me too.
  5. sans :lol: Geoss, cracking up at the BIG discussion ! are you really going to do this ?? magnificent.....are the chickens and turkeys and kittehs going to live on the boat ???
  6. I just quoted a million things but not only is it too hard for this Psilly Dingo to quote in between selected posts, I got busted for "more than allotted amount of quotes." BLAST IT ALL !! OUT OF MY MIND for Psilly Psummit !!! and yer funni-ness, all of youse. Proud of Vinsccent !!! ...
  7. Am so soooooooper excited about the parade !!! I don't even know what section it is in...the operashuns of this new phorum really conphuzes me. Pads and Kareighhhnnne found it.....is it under weight/diet issues? I think so..... it's a terribly sad article and.....as celiacs, I think...
  8. beautifully put, Geoss. Loving that things never change in the 'Ville see? a PARADE ! ♥ ...and KAKE *snort* You been a-readin' some Steinbeck? love it - would not want to smell for the Yeti fer sure, Pads ! HI Sills.....I actually got so riled up over s...
  9. :'( she certainly was, Pads. I haven't been around and now I want to go and read and savor her amazing words all over this forum.... I am stunned and also saddened to know that I am here too late to communicate with her....the card i purchased was never sent, as is my very bad habit. What a gal...
  10. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  11. Your fuzzy is so...magical!

  12. I have had this since the age of 13, when I saw my very first huge insect......it was something like a three-foot long black beetle in the corner of my room. I let out a blood-curdling scream......this went on for years and the images would be insects or humans. Quite often a spider or swarm of...
  13. Are you taking the generic or the brand? As far as I know - both are gluten-free. But - - PLEASE be careful if it's generic Wellbutrin - - - many people have had TERRIBLE experiences on me (including myself) and - - I was told that this month's Oprah has an article, in fact, about this very thing...
  14. MYGAWD!!!

    You looking good for a 98 yr old women!!