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  1. HI Poeter ! I just re-wrote my whole introductory post. ;) 


    And, my comment is awaiting moderation.....sadly, I don't think she'll allow it.  was hoping more Celiacs would join in and also comment.  I don't know why but this article,  in connection with the dietitian who posted it (this is most likely the reason - my intense concern about her methods/beliefs as a dietitian) has got me rather riled !   Must head out now.....gorgeous day here.


    my comment:


    I am sorry for the loss of your father, and his struggles, this is so terribly sad and this is how Celiacs often die. What SCREAMS OUT at me in your beautifully-written article is his untreated Celiac Disease (“scarred intestines” CAN improve!)….gluten kills Celiacs. Period. Had he followed a strict, gluten-free diet from the time of diagnosis (did he? I am presuming he did not – forgive me if I am in error), his life would have changed dramatically and he would have dropped weight very easily (assuming he didn’t load up on gluten-free snacks). You are Vikings….Celiac is hugely common in Scandinavia (you can get gluten-free Big Macs there!), and it is a *genetic* auto-immune disorder which kills slowly and is truly miserable. One may have it without displaying symptoms for a long, long while….but I would bet every possession and penny I own that you have it too, beautiful one. Please don’t suffer as your father did…it is entirely avoidable. If you are interested in learning more, go to a website such as Celiac.com (check out the topics in the forum) and read up because in this country, where medicine and doctors are controlled by Big Pharma and very income-driven, Celiac is grossly and sadly misdiagnosed…my own diagnosis took decades and I verged on the brink of malnourished death. God bless! x.

  2. HI everybody,


    I haven't posted in AGES here!  [not sure I'm posting this in the right spot?] But this article  - rather, the dietitian who posted it, got me rather agitated. 



    Long long story (which I have just deleted) - but there is a dietitian with whom I am somewhat acquainted (who riles me up! she doesn't believe Celiac exists) who posted this writing (she did not write it) on her FB page last night.  This article makes me quite sad.....the dietitian's intent was to convey to her mainly eating-disorder clients that it is okay to not diet, accept your weight, etc.....but I was smacked in the head with this poor man's untreated (I presume) celiac and slow, horrible death.  HIs daughter wrote the article and i have left a comment today (SusieQ) which may or may not show up yet.


    Take a look -




  3. :lol:

    scorpios, spiders and sex houses, YIPPEEEEEEE!! and black belts ! congrats vinsennngt :)

    um, I do not believe in the nonsense of horoscopes.....but have been very, very close to three people born on November 7th and one

    on November 5th - and O M G they are all lying, conniving, very secretive, and not to be trusted.....inauthentic and at times quite cruel.....

    this made me decide I would never be involved with scorpios again.....Didna know that we have some Psillie Pscorpios, are y'all hidin sumthin from us ?? shady intent, nefarious pasts, subtle but telling secrets and lies ?!?! ;)

    Metta :(. did not know her well but remember her......sweet lady.

  4. OMG!!!!! :o SILLIES I just happened to check my bank statement online - I do look at checking almost every day, but credit card only every week or so....some evil person in Conn. charged $1600 to Lufthansa airlines - - did it today, thank GOD i looked - charges had not gone through and I am being issued a new card.....we caught it in time and those DEVILS will NOT get the ticket (or the ticket refund they were most likely after).....this has never happened to me, 'tis horrifying !! :unsure:

  5. DingoGirl

    There must be some kind of multiquotes award for that last post. I thought for a minute I was having a flashback.


    I think you are right about Charles. No way is he handing over. It was his birthday yesterday (along with one of my best friends, I can't quote birthdays for the rest of the family). Sorry you missed him.

    You'll notice I have not worked out quotes from my phone

    Mw x

    :blink: was posting in bed from me Ipad....doesn't it sound POSH to say, this impecunious dingo-bat has one?? Was a gift from me boyfriend last Christmas.....am obsessed wiv it but can't post to quotes.....don't know if I still have the boyfriend?? :mellow:

    .wait.....even on desktop I can't do multi quotes??? just had several of them.....can't figger it out any more......

    chintails, butt on forehead....oh, those were the days....

    Tell me, whot are your names, Shadow Ice - do we call you Ice? Shadow?

    and celiac mind warp - what do we call you? Hi, I"m Soozle, Pseussie, Sprusie, oh....so many names....

    have blinding headache today.....from pressure change, methinks....'

    SHROOMIE, what are you talking about?? was this a REAL party w/ 64 cakes ??? or are you hallucinating ????? :lol:

    Hi Sills.......no one answered my Homeland question, so I guess I am alone in this CRACK addiction?? dear gawd....

    and now when I click on the smileys they do NOT COME UP.....ARRRRGH what has happened to this forum since I LEFT ????

  6. I take exception to this! I never had a math class that looked anything like English!


    Me thinks it is also equilateral :P , and apart from "the square on the hypotenuse equals the sum of the square on the other two sides," that is all the geometry I have retained (or perhaps ever knew?? :rolleyes:

    I dunno, but it sure scared the bejeezes out of me. I learned from it though. The first bookkeeping class I went to I walked out of, never to return :ph34r:

    OMG. . .. . ... . . . ..STOP THE MATHS!! I feel sick..... . ..

    Please, please, let's talk about...... . ..split infinitives....phrasal verbs......my favortite -- dangling participles... . .!!

    Maybe the critical review starts w/ calling the book unengaging.

    "Pfff .. . Pull an axe on me, eh?"

    Lotta lol . .. ..reciprocation welcomed, in a sense an integral part of an infinite series of posts. (whose sum remains finite, natch)

    The Yeti's Guide to Stream of Consciousness

    I still need read my book. Hmmm got till Tuesday Midnight though... still probably should start it soon.

    Lol, i got the main body of the paper done, now i have to do the annotated bibliography (ugh) and proof read it.

    OK, this was clearly written by one of us, despite the clever use of 'bigfoot' in place of 'yeti'



    all of the above has me larfing in bed. I think? well, most of it, espeshully the mathS parts. :blink:

    and the triangles :lol:

    but feeling sorry for the people who have papers due .

    I have been busy - no - consumed with - season one of Homeland, just finished season one last night, thought I might

    hyperventilate and die.....IS ANYONE WATCHING THIS ?? I need a support group......GAH !!

    have more to say but am in fetal position with stomach pain. could be lunch at Chili's today ( was not my choice)

    <smirk face>

    (got emoticonally busted and had to erase the triangles )

    night night !! ;)

  7. Em's post count is 7777!


    :lol: :lol:

    snickering at all of youse. And, head exploding from talk of college and units and grad school :blink: so glad that's all in the past.....could never do it again. lesions in me 'ead, methinks.

    WHERE is my Sam Hill avatar??? couldn't open poeter's file. but loving the meanhead avs :lol:

    and chortling at just how WACKL we have been, just simply mad for years and years, and yet it all makes perphekt sense to us :lol:

  8. it doesn't, Pads! Such an enduring mystery here in the 'ville.......now pondering wee person with missing rubber hat....just doesn't seem likely, as rubber doesn't breathe?? not healthy for the head? But we just can't rule anything out :lol:

    what is this young person's game you are all going nuts over??

    Pads - I think if you use the blood-red REPORT button, that takes care of annoying relatives, and all manner of ills ;)

    yes, very phunny and warm and cozy to be back :wub:

    Have recently quit my wine and ALL alcohol <_<:angry: (necessary but difficult) - needed some PHUN back in my life ;)

  9. OMG. ... . .. ....THIS COULD BE IT....... . ....!! I never thought of it having fallen out of a plane!! That would explain its very arbitrariness, it's unexplainable, sudden appearance in the ho'tub.....it fell out of a plane, the moment the craft was right over my property. Of course. Some poor, lame passenger decided to push one of his crutches through his window...he broke through, but then suddenly realized his folly and tried to pull it back in, catching the rubber tip on the outside of the hole, and plock! Off it popped......dropping through the stratosphere, down, down, into my ho'tub.


    This tip was way too big for a chair or table leg.....even for a cane, methinks....

    And it would be a lot easier to punch a hole in an airplane window with a crutch than with a fold-up chair....



    <larghing like a phool>

    All I can think of now is a tiny, unfortunate wee guy with a lil rubber cap on his head tripping and falling into the ho tub!

    Yer sure there was nothin phloating on the water as you got in, Em?

    actually laughed out loud. Such a feeling of comfort, to be analyzing the "crutch tip" again, over and over.....seems like it was a COLD

    CASE when I was last here....case has been reopened.....but the idea of the folding chair out the plane window certainly does have some

    merit and should not be overlooked......



  10. Something dawned on me recently -- could it have been something else? I think I know a crutch tip when I see and handle one..... ..but is there anything else that is kind of like a crutch tip, that would make more sense being in my ho'tub? :huh: Like... .. .. .a rubber hat for somebody with a funny, tiny head?.....a cork for a massive, strangely shaped champagne bottle?...

    Yes, and those would make MUCH more sense being at the bottom of my ho'tub.... :rolleyes::lol:


    :lol: :lol: :lol: now, why didn't we think of that before? makes total sense ;)


    SNACKLING as I read these things.....simply LURVE the ideer of putting things in Em's ho'tub :lol: (butter dish, horses halter,

    OOMM <--- that means OUT OF MY MIND) P'raps we could mail a package to Em's neighboUr....or maybe Poeter and Jacquie could just drive it on over in the night? they do like their long driving journeys ;)

    Um, Shroomie's coma !! :o:blink: good Lord, mine wasn't that fun bad.....glad you're better, Shroom !!

    What else??? campbell's soup.......with grilled cheese.....delicious, ersatz lunch....sigh. But that REPORT button is definitely the color of BLOOD...whot does it mean ???

    Party at Geoss's :lol: Wouldjoo guys believe, a couple of years ago, I was experimenting with the vile weed to see if it could help me sleep - hoping for a substitution for sleep meds. A friend gave me - not kidding - a HUGE mason jar full :blink: It did not help me FALL asleep, but helped me sleep more deeply....but the thoughts were too CRAY CRAY.....couldn't handle it.....I recently threw it all out :ph34r: was stale and old anyway, don't anyone get too sad over it. B)

    SNAUGH......so sad for people already hit by the storm and now freezing on top of it :(

    and what in hell has Leesargh got going on ??

    pads....I have those exhausting dreams also, but usually they're quite fun.....was a James Bond dream the other night, Daniel Craig's head looming over us, superimposed....running for our lives......everyone on the beach - hundreds of us - got our own speedboat, which dropped from the sky, no one got hit by them......it goes on and on....never mind......

  12. OH MY SILLIES !!!

    it's like HOME :wub:

    I have missed you guys. But.....um.....it's like I've been in a coma for two years, and then woke up....came back and life is still going on, but wif all new topics, lingo, psillie things, I don't know any of it :lol: anybody got a Psillie Cliffs Notes ???

    Tom wrote Home Despot, and I snorted, did anyone notice *snort* (DESPOT, not my snort)

    SHROOMIE !!! how are you FEELING ?????

    and there is Vincent !! :)

    Was really worried about so many people after the big storm, kept meaning to check in, had log-in problems for quite a while and gave up. Is EVERYONE OKAY ???? :(

    last time I was here, Geoss was riding sailing around on a boat with some pirate. Looked like fun ;)

    I have just done HOURS of yard work, hands and arms and lower back - now officially USELESS ;) but happily so....

    Nice to SEE youse guys :D and a HALLOOOO to the members I do not yet know !

  13. ****SNACKLE***** :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Ohhhh, yes, the Old School Psill pstuff.......SO FAB, and nowhere else but here, pholks ;)

    ameliorate, why YES, I DO like that word Gianknit !!

    ho'tub ;)

    Hi everybody :) Missed you nutballs, will check in more often, NOT just a POOP-IN, methinks....but this danged computer is SLOW AS MOLASSES :angry: proabaly cloged with SCAT.

    stirring sticks ??? what in hell is this big crisis ? :lol: do you have a Smart and Final back there? (or, Fart and Smile as we like to call it) they will have stirring sticks up the wazoo, fo' shizzle.

    I don't even know what these sticks are FOR. :lol:

    back outside.......heavy yardwork and there is in fact POOP on the bottom of my shoe (which I left outside).....natch <_<

    love me psills !! :wub:

  14. Was eating lunch, suddenly started coughing and salad came out my nose :(:lol:

    :blink: Snowing salad from your nose?

    :lol: Hi Psills, I have missed you guys, checked in today and found this. I see nothing's changed ;)

    Um......ALSO I heard that there has been a HUGE phlipover and the storm is Pads' fault ?!?!?!? Is this TWUE? my god.....this is now a SuperThread.......have three years of catching up to do.....omg :lol:

    CARRY ON SILLS!!! gotta do a bunch of yard work today, if I can start my lawnmower (have thrown my neck out doing this, record number of pulls on that cord was about - 58, I think? blasted old thing).



  15. Oh no!

    So much for the Kansas office!

    yup <_< the Psycho Woman fired me while going through divorce (husband will hire me back when all is calm)....no more picking up tires, other weird things in CA or the midwest - we have LOST our JOBS, Leesargh!! :angry: <she writes me nice emails frequently and wants to be my friend - Ummmmm - NO, not now>

    Oh, I'm also a SF Giants fan now, Sills, got a game starting in 20 minutes :lol: cracks me up.....Oh, and also in love - but most of you know that from the 'book! :)

    dear GAWD, fill me IN on everything, what in HELL has gone on here all this time? I can only check in periodically......crap :blink: How IS everyone?????

    love youse guys :wub: