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  1. Jlewisrn

    Giving up on diagnosis

    I have had 2 biopsies but of the rash itself not the way it should be done for DH. I asked and both times was told “...
  2. Jlewisrn

    Off prednisone.. rash returned

    I have ANA drawn which I think they were testing for lupus. I don’t know what else that tests but it was negative. M...
  3. I have been dealing with a rash for over a year now. I have been to multiple doctors who have diagnosed me with everything...
  4. Jlewisrn

    Off prednisone.. rash returned

    I have been so careful. Or so I thought. I’m not careful with some labels and just assume some things are “safe” I w...
  5. Jlewisrn

    Off prednisone.. rash returned

    They tell me it’s not DH. I have not been diagnosed. I’m sorry... I guess this post was confusing. Some HX I got...
  6. Jlewisrn

    Off prednisone.. rash returned

    I’ve had it biopsied twice. One showed atopic dermatitis the other showed a drug ereption. I can’t get anyone to boi...
  7. I just finished 60 of prednisone and had a steroid shot before starting those. I came back from DC with the worst my...
  8. Jlewisrn

    Daughter ??

    I have done extensive research and have been to multiple drs for the rash I have (several allergists, a few dermatologists...
  9. Jlewisrn

    Daughter ??

    Darn! I can still the one photo. Hers are blisters not a rash. Mine was more rash like blisters. Hers are sporadic and...
  10. Jlewisrn

    Daughter ??

    I have suffered with a rash for about a year. I am currently on prednisone that has cleared it up (for now) I have posted...
  11. Jlewisrn

    Trigger foods

    When I went to the dr he suggested I go on a histamine restricted diet until we figure out exactly what's going on. He...
  12. Jlewisrn

    Another appt

    I called another allergist today after being up all night itching. He is running a lot of blood work. One being a celiac...
  13. Jlewisrn

    Endoscopy today

    I had an endoscopy today and the dr said everything looked good. He took some biopsies but said "you don't have celiac...
  14. I jus left the GI doctor and he scheduled an endoscopy with biopsy on Monday. How much time should have passed after...
  15. Thank you. My vitamin D is on the low end of normal. My doctor recommended a supplement. I'm not anemic but have had...