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  1. Allo_london

    Severe Itching And No Rash

    I had same story. Cutting out dairy and gluten solved it. After a few years it came back. Not 100% sure yet but people should know that, at least in some people CORN can trigger DH and may also trigger coeliac type response in people with coeliac. Read the research: https://www.jaad.org/article/S0190-9622(09)00673-2/fulltext - Dermatitis herpetiformis exacerbated by cornstarch https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3820067/ - Maize Prolamins Could Induce a Gluten-Like Cellular Immune Response in Some Celiac Disease Patients Shame corn is in 99% of gluten free bread. I now eat no processed food and only naturally gluten, dairy and corn free food. Since eliminating corn, seems I am back on track. Note, corn is found in many pills, like paracetmol, indigestion tablets etc also need to be avoided unless strictly necessary.. Your doc is highly unlikely to know or believe either that corn could do this or (in my experience) that gluten can cause these itches with no rash. The science of coeliac is in its infancy. Exposure takes a few days to bring on as itch/crawling anywhere, is worse at night, subsides in 3-7 days, will sometimes cause red bumps on my head or elsewhere. As far as I can tell after a 1yr elimination and food diary.
  2. Allo_london

    Do your DH symptoms match this?

    Hi DH Forum - honestly I was really hoping for more people to answer my question. There must be hundreds of people read this with DH - maybe the greatest congregation of DH patients on the internet, and if so, the world and most likely the universe. Could you possibly please spare 1 minute to answer my original post?
  3. Allo_london

    Do your DH symptoms match this?

    Yeah, it isn't fun. At least you know the cause know and can take steps to avoid. Thanks again for your replies!
  4. Allo_london

    Do your DH symptoms match this?

    Thanks for your reply. Really appreciated! Can I pry and ask before the first major outbreak, did you get the sensations around usual lesion sites (whereever they are for you) or elsewhere. I'm leaning towards I possibly have some DH going on, perhaps it is "mild" in that not the full blown itchy rash, though enough to get these lesions. Probably some peripheral neuropathy going on I am guessing here. Being extrenmely strict on my diet right now and things very gradually improving, not fun though. Pretty sure dairy provokes reaction as well, but maybe other things, also so called gluten-free things sometimes seem an issue.
  5. Symptoms: through day, random pin prick stinging in my skin. Could be anywhere. Feet, legs, back, occasionally face. Varies in degree of pain. No immediate sign of rash. It can feel "on the surface" of the skin, or "deeper" in the skin. Sometimes v painful, enough to make me jump. It's like being poked with a needle, or having a speck of hot fat from a frying pan land on you. Occurences of sudden itch also, or the stings are itchy themselves. Sometimes large patches of skin feel sensitive or sore for some time (hours maybe days). Like the other day a patch of skin on my back was just sort of sore/sensitive. Sometimes I experience what I can only describe as "waves of itch", almost non descript itching that you can feel but almost cannot describe where exactly. Around these times I tend to get red bumps on either side of my scalp. I think they may have vesicles that can pop (nice! but not pus, clear). I sometimes get them on my legs too. They are then sore, scab and take several days at least to heal up. I have a raised ttg antigen level but a negative skin biopsy for DH and no villous damage on endoscopy. My skin sympoms cleared up for nearely 5 years when off dairy and gluten, but they came back recently. I need to know the cause. Please, DH people, I know a lot of people ask, but I would really appreciate, if you can, do my symptoms sound familiar?! Do you get stinging or itching like this randomly but not on a rash/sores? And then the rash/bump/blisters elsewhere, or is your itching only physically at the point the rash?