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  1. Hi all! Does anybody have any experience with the generic Food Lion brand of Beef Broth? It has "natural ingredients...
  2. Hi Cyclinglady! Thank you so much for your reply. At the moment, I cannot afford to have the testing necessary, so I...
  3. Hi Jmg! Thank you for your response! After being gluten-free for a couple of months now, I find that I am experiencing...
  4. Hi Fredo! Wow, what a journey!! I am so glad to hear that you've made such a substantial recovery! My symptoms and issues...
  5. Hi TexasJen! Thank you for sharing your experience! I've been having a similar experience, actually, in noticing problems...
  6. Hi FSW! Thank you so much for your response! Funnily, I also find that I have a very difficult time with quinoa, despite...
  7. Hello all! I'm fairly new to this community. Although I've been reading many posts on here for a while, this is only...
  8. Hi all! I'm new to the community, and would love to hear about what I can expect as I enter a new gluten-free life and...