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  1. I completely understand that, I wouldn't want to be around a person that was always like that either. I get how difficult it can be for people without it to understand or accept, I have had issues getting my head around it all. I had zero psychological symptoms apart from very minor depression...
  2. No it's not. Reassures me a bit that it isn't just me. The manifestations of my anxiety have been extreme to the point of jealousy and the mood swings have been laughing to angry to crying and back to angry in seconds. I thought I was going mad and had started to believe that it was me. ...
  3. Yeah the worrying is the worst part of it. I can't relax mentally. I do have extreme exhaustion which hasn't ever gone away. Might be expensive or odd but if it's worked for you I'd be grateful to hear it
  4. I never had any issues like this before apart from mild depression. I was initially diagnosed in September 2015 but then told it was inconclusive and then rediagnosed April 2016.
  5. Yes, I've seen both and the only thing found was ADHD. It is literally like a switch has been flipped and I'm back to being me again
  6. Hi all. This is difficult to explain. I met a girl after diagnosis but my symptoms never seemed to go away until now and it seems way too late. I had been with her for only a year. I had such crazy thoughts, have attempted suicide twice in that time. Every time I try and explain these thoughts...