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  1. ChrisF88

    Relationship issues

    I completely understand that, I wouldn't want to be around a person that was always like that either. I get how difficult...
  2. ChrisF88

    Relationship issues

    No it's not. Reassures me a bit that it isn't just me. The manifestations of my anxiety have been extreme to the point...
  3. ChrisF88

    Relationship issues

    Yeah the worrying is the worst part of it. I can't relax mentally. I do have extreme exhaustion which hasn't ever gone...
  4. ChrisF88

    Relationship issues

    I never had any issues like this before apart from mild depression. I was initially diagnosed in September 2015 but then...
  5. ChrisF88

    Relationship issues

    Yes, I've seen both and the only thing found was ADHD. It is literally like a switch has been flipped and I'm back to...
  6. Hi all. This is difficult to explain. I met a girl after diagnosis but my symptoms never seemed to go away until now...