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  1. you should really go to a gi specialist! me n my dad both hv celiacs! i hv very similar symptoms w vitamin s and i was seeing a bloid doc for years! she did all kinds test but didn’t think was celiacs until my dad was diagnosed and then they retested me! i really think it could be this for you and your family doc just doesnt know enough about it! my blood doc and my cardiologist both disputed it for me and they were wrong!! goodluck!
  2. yes!! soy!!!! anything w soy n chinese all together! unless u make it @ home w gluten-free soy sauce! hv you been to a gi specialist?? i don’t lnow your situation w your insurance but if you really concerned it doesnt seem like your fam doc is totally up on this and gi docs are! mine told me chinese food is number one culprit because soy sauce!! plus there your more likely hv cross contamination issues! i used eat that alot though never agreed w me now im like, oh!!! in general avoid bbq sauce unless its sweet baby rays, ranch dressing unless hidden valley , even some vinegrets hv wheat, or barly, avoid wheat, barly n rye, oats and read...lables like on pickles! i really think you should go to gi specialist bc they also give you more information!! goodluck
  3. Lorjenn22


    anyone have a gluton free ginger bread recipee??
  4. i luv tea and coffee!! if we lived close together the 3 of us would make great friends
  5. hi yes yes n yes! its kinda silly but like u said there’s nothing to focus on! are u on east coast?? im always looking for new friends! but anyway its like im in a funk! i had a heart procedure in may then i was diagnosed w celiacs along w my father! so my fam is supportive as well as my physical therapy which i used up! but just got diagnosed w vertigo n they are treating me for that! but ive been screaming for a vacation pr sm to look forward to! i also just turned 40 so myb mid life crisis! lol but i know exactly how u feel!!
  6. Lorjenn22

    Eating At A Chinese Restaurant

    i am curious how this is possible bc my gi said soy sauce culprit! i passed up dinner w friends tho the place they go prob wouldnt ever be doable
  7. Lorjenn22

    Mysterious me!

    for eye issue i think its your skin products or shampoos or soap. fir years i had itchy skin n rashes. turned out im allergic to sulfate. im not sure if that has gluton in it but i switched to aveno. once i used my moms shampoo bc i ran out n turn red lobster!! also make up or products or allegeons make my eye water all time! smtimes it’s something in air but i dont know what !!
  8. Lorjenn22

    Denver area doctor

    i do know of a doc that has celiacs but they are in thexstate of pa. as far as disability a couple tips. first list all ur diagnosis big or small n in order of significance. second explain how the symptoms prevent u from working. u listed bakery. say i cannot work in environment where i am exposed to gluton and since my training work experience or skill set is in bakery or hospitality i am unable to perform duties of these jobs bc my exposure to gluton makes me sick. therefor causing me to miss work n miss pay. go farther and say celiacs causes me to be fatigued and unable to concentrate. these are examples w out knowing ur full story. and how to word it so it is more legit. i hv had disability due to other issues. another thing if celiacs is anyway affecting ur joints say that. give concrete answes. dont just list stuff they think could be symtoms of anything. goodluck. also list what treatment you hv received. example if u get physical therapy. u want provide details of how it affects u on a daily basis. not everything that u hv experienced.
  9. okay first i would start w different gi doc bc if you are going get tested you should not be gluton free! that will affect test! as for bread u hv eat gluton free bread if u are celiacs! gluton is in or is flour its not its just weat! flour is in alot of things! some plp that hv celiacs are allergic to dairy. i know alot abt this bc several plp including me in my life that are celiacs! things to avoid would be salads w croutons, most soups out bc the broth made w flour, all bread unless its specified gluton freee n baked goods unless otherwise specified gluton free!
  10. i would in future when they schedule your test tell them your allergic to gluton! i always get sick in test but one time it was before they did the dye! i just recently found out so i hvnt had test post diagnosis.? but i can relate bc i throw up after every procedure from anesthesia n every mri! they are not going give anyone meds that will kill you! they might not agree w u but they wont kill u! my advise tho in furure tell them ahead time and maybe there is alternative they can use.
  11. the first test is the general test for bloodwork. when i got mine back it was right @ 26. i was in range. your number is not btwn 26-217 its out of range. that doesnt mean anything. i think its a negative but by your symptoms it could be a sensitivity! i would still consult your doctor! your iga is in range. that is probably a positive but for what i am not sure! dont dismiss these results! i hope u find out soon! ps the last 2 numbers are w in range that could also be positive. i would question the results i said could be positive. again im not doctor but i hv had vitamine defianciencies for years and kinda learned interpret bloodwork! speaking of has anyone tested your iron n vit D or B?? i dont c it on here. that would be something to treat whether its related to celiacs or not. good luck also was this fam doc or gastrial interology? they are the specialist ypu go to for celiacs!
  12. ps it took me 8 years to get proper diagnosis! my docs soley focused on vitamine d and sometimes iron! both were low at times! not once occured to them do proper celiacs test till my dad met his doctor!!
  13. you need go to gastrial interplogy both my dad n i diagnosed their! we hv similar yet cery different symtoms! they should do bloodwork for celiacs an endoscopy probably! then focus on vitamines!
  14. Lorjenn22

    Trazodone And/or Essential Oils

    Yes it may be the trazadone. Medications can hv gluton in them. Its funny you say that bc i was just diagnosed celiacs. But I have sleep issues prior and I took trazadone. I remember getting rashes, I couldn't say for sure that it was at the same time but probably was given your description and both things occured along time ago!