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  1. I found a few threads on this forum concerning the use of hand lotions with oat flour in them. But I am not sure of how likely someone, with an intolerance to gluten, might be affected if they have never had any issues with dermatitis herpetiformis. Any comments? I see Aveno has a few lotions I might...
  2. I've been a fan of the gluten-free Cheerios since they rolled out the product. I like the taste and "mouth feel" but - now that I see how (potentially) bad this product is when it comes to how much Glyphosate it has in it, I probably will have to give it up. Years back Gylphosate was mentioned as...
  3. So far I've had no problems with gluten-free Cherrios and I've been eating them since they started producing the gluten-free line. Generally I will have some reaction to gluten if there is contamination in the product I'm eating. But I'm sure someone has gotten a bad batch or is simply very sensitive...