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    Fitness (both mind and body), cooking, dogs and canine powered sports and gardening. Music of all sorts and really anything to do with the great out doors. Cooking has become a challenge, but I am bound and determined to come up with a way to enjoy my cooking and eat it to. Bland is out, I want some flavor that makes my mouth tingle with joy!
  1. I am and each year have to go in for the six or 8 hours orange soda test. Those of you that have been tested for it know what I am talking about here. I manage it through diet, but have found it a little more difficult with celiac to maintain correct sugar levels. I keep getting the shakes and "dumb brain" slow downs. Deborah
  2. The site has now resolved to our server, you can visit http://www.celiacfreedomcruise.com/ to view what is there so far. I have made the community board where we can move the cruise topics into there. There is a thread where you can indicate if you would like to attend at: http://celiacfreedomcruise.com/community/viewforum.php?f=2 Until we have the final quote from the cruise line, I can't really complete the site, though I do have the prices they have given thus far (our travel agen is negotiation a better price, or at least trying). I mainly have a forum for bugs, text changes/suggestions and or typos. There is also the volunteer section for those of you that would like to help out in some way. I have yet to complete the "contact us" page which will have the contact information to those of you that are willing to take a specific segment to field questions. As well as the sponsor section which will take through the weekend to complete. I really didn't know what you guys would like to see in the Freedom Community, which once the quote comes in will turn into a general chat and meet your shipmates section. This will be (I hope) where people ask their questions. Anyhow, details on everything are on the site. Deborah
  3. I do and love it! That and Ta chi and yoga as well. If you have comast, in the on demand section they offer many workouts for Pilates. You can do them every day and never do the same routine in the month.
  4. Armeta, your husband can talk golf, over beer, with my husband in the sports bar! That would make them both happy. I think but am not certain that this ship has virtural golf. Also, I purchased the domain name http://www.celiacfreedomcruise.com What I have completed so far is on that site. I loaded some stuff up last night to it, but it is far from complete. Do me a favor and don't share this domain, I know many of us are sooooo excited to share it, but it isn't ready for the world to see and most unprofessional at the moment. I will load up the community forum when I get a chance, later tonight is the hope once the website resolves to our hosts servers. The site that is there now, is green and filled with google ads. This is NOT our website, this is a dynamic generated site from the domain name registration. When you see the CC (Celiac Cruise) logo, that is our site, again, don't share it, it will give the wrong impression. I am going snowmobiling today and won't be doing much. If it resolves today while I am gone, I will code the forum tonight so that we can carry on our conversations in there as far as the website goes and for those helping out with this projects. I have a Volunteer already to head up the Kids activities and gave her an email address to the site yourname@celiacfreedomcruise.com. These individuals will be listed on the Contact Us page of the website. I will need volunteers for several other things to include: State representatives (though most general cruise questions can be filtered through the travel agent, that is her job and what she is experienced in). The state representative will become that states "go to" person on the cruise. Dining or food and beverages - This person will mainly answer questions about the gluten-free menu that Celebrity has to offer. Yes, they offer breads, pastries, pastas, cakes and so mush more. They will also provide us with an electronic copy of the gluten-free menu options that this person could send out to those wanting to know more. I would like international representatives if at all possible, though our travel agent can answer most of these questions as well. I simply think have this person while waiting for the cruise to get here and then giving them the "go to" person on the cruise would be nice. If individual support groups are going to be speaking with their members about this cruise, it would be nice to have one "go to" person in the planning phase and the actual cruise. If there are any other kinds of volunteers you think we might need, please let me know. I spent several hours designing the website with a volunteer working on the main page. We chatted on msn messenger, I made changes and she would hit refresh and tell me what she thought. It is a difficult task and I certainly can't do it all. By the time I work out the code and graphics for each page, my creativity is shot so text ends up sounding more like prattle. It really helps having others assist. This is all of our cruise and I would like to make sure we represent it correctly and in a professional manner. Anyhow, again, if the website resolves today while I am gone snowmobiling, when I get home I will code the forum on the website tonight so we can move our conversations about this to the forum where I have the ability to remove the posts once we have taken care of the items :-) With your help, I hope to have this fully completed in a week or so (depending upon how much information our Travel Agent is able to get). Deborah Do I have more volunteers?
  5. I so stink at ad copy, if anyone here would like to assist with this it would be appreciated. I have a sample template (one page only, no links) ready for you to see it with the celiac C logo on it at http://www.deborahharr.com/celiac_cruise/htmlsample/
  6. Small things make such the difference these days. Being several weeks into my new eating style, most foods remain on my “not” list. I haven’t focused on sweets or treats, I have been trying to learn how to make pastas and main dishes so that I didn’t have to survive on carrot sticks or salads. I was really down in the dumps yesterday when my royalty check arrived from the publisher of my last cook book as it was chalk full of foods I will never eat or cook again. Besides the fact that I haven’t been in the best of moods for a week. A 20 year tradition of making large heart sugar cookies and decorating them went down the drain this year as I was unable to find all the special flours I needed to make several of the recipes I have found in gluten-free books. I special ordered them, but they haven’t arrived yet. This tradition was left to my daughter who tried so very hard to decorate them as best she could. In the end, plates of standard sugar cookies with a frosted top and sprinkles made their way to the neighbors and friends homes. I called my husbands and my favorite restaurant for Valentines dinner and they had very little on their menu (Italian and every thing drenched in amazing sauces). Out went the quiet, romantic dinner for two we have had together all these years from our favorite location. True, I did find a great totally gluten-free Italian restaurant, but it is family style dining and not really romantic as a Valentines dinner for two should be. The dumps, plain and simple I was in the dumps! Suddenly late last night the doorbell rang, it was nearly 9pm, who in the world would be ringing the doorbell at 9 o’clock at night? I opened the front door and was greeted with this huge basket, big enough to hold about 4 days worth of the family’s laundry. Excited I took it from my husband, gave him a hug and began to dig into the treasures that awaited to be opened. From cereals to crackers, hot cereals (cream of wheat was recently removed from my “yes” list), cookies, flours, spices and dressings. This basket was filled with Yes, Yes, Yes you can eat it items. A new hero is born! This was the best Valentines present and day ever as I embark on the use and pleasure of each and every item and morsel. Strange, small things make such a difference these days.
  7. Latest news: My sister in law has experience in group cruises of groups of 25 cabins and no more, she felt that this could get much larger and felt that there was no way she could serve our needs as we would need them served. Thus, I contacted Sherri, she is a professional travel agent who does all the travel plans for our store. She will now be heading up the cruise plans. (BTW -she said Holland is better service and better food, but Celebrity was more economical for events such as our needs are). Based on this, we won't have to deal with the politics of Celebrity in my not being a travel agent or them wanting to split our one group up into two groups (Canada and U.S./International). Sherri is going to find out the dynamics and policies of Celebrity in why they would do this to our group and see if we can't by-pass this. She will be working directly with Celebrity Group division and will get back to me within the next one or 2 days. She deals with International/Canada and U.S. all the time so this should be easy on all of you. Just thought all of you should know that I have hired a travel agent who can deal with such a large group as I am sure you want this to be as nice, memorable and rewarding experience as I do. Deborah
  8. grrrr. Holland won't speak with me, I have to be a travel agent and they want only 1 travel agent. So I made a bunch of phone calls and found travel agents who were International or who were U.S. and Canada only, but they were not both. So I called to speak with them about a small group and spent two hours on the phone playing circle tag with "I need to transfer you" statements. So, even though the majority wanted Celebrity, I thought it would be nice to include Holland, I won't be doing this now as they want something I can not provide. One person with Holland actually told me to become a 501©, Right, like I am going to hire an attorney, accountant, file with state, federal and local authorities, and hire a board of 4 people to chair it so that I can call for group prices. Celebrity on the other hand stated that until we were over 100 cabings (double occupancy) per group, we wouldn't qualify for group benefits but we would be a "group". There is another problem here, Canada falls into its own category and they will not lump us together no matter what for benefits. Thus, I will need a Canadian Group Leader to step forward please! email me at deborah@deborahharr.com if you are willing to do this. Canada has to book through Canada, International and United States book through the United States. A group can not be set up until the following happens: Minimum of 8 cabins (doulbe occupancy so 16 people) Each person must then pay a $250 deposit ($500 per cabin), Then they can call Celebrity to make the payment by phone or mail and *poof* you now have a group. Problem is, our little cruise will turn into two groups, United States/International and Canada. Once we have our "groups" in their database, they mail us all the literature, pamphlets and additional information to the group leaders. I have no problem being the United States/International group leader, but I will need a Canadian Group Leader. Neither Celebrity or Holland offer discounts for groups, what they do is for every 16 booked rooms (double occupancy) they give you a free room of the same type of the "majority average" I suppose we could use these rooms to cover the speakers and or offer a "free room" to lotto winners or those really strapped for cash. These "lotto" winners could be determined through some competition that we can post on the website. This will only work if I could get some people willing to create and administer said competition. The Celebrity Ship we will sail on is the Millennium Itinerary: Subject to change, but not very likely, they have cruised this route forever Day 1 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Departure Depart 4:30 PM Day 2 At Sea Day 3 Casa De Campo, Dominican Rep Docked Arrive 1:00 PM Depart 11:00 PM Day 4 San Juan, Puerto Rico Docked Arrive 10:00 AM Depart 8:00 PM Day 5 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Docked Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 6:00 PM Day 6 At Sea Day 7 Nassau, Bahamas Docked Arrive 12:00 PM Depart 5:30 PM Day 8 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Arrival Arrive 7:00 AM The prices are as follows (remember these are 2007 prices and subject to change). Based upon double occupancy Does not include Airfare (this from my city was around $400 per person) 3rd and 4th person in the room, regardless of the room type pay $858.23 ($108 per day) per person. Maximum Occupancy is 4 passengers per room, including the large suites Inside Stateroom: 1st and 2nd person pay $1,108.23 per person ($139 per day) Ocean View Stateroom: 1st and 2nd person pay $1,308.23 per person ($164 per day) Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom 1st and 2nd person pay $1,528.23 per person ($191 per day) Sky Suite 1st and 2nd person pay $2,428.23 per person ($304 per day) Celebrity Suite 1st and 2nd person pay $2,858.23 per person ($358 per day) Royal Suite 1st and 2nd person pay $4,558.23 per person ($570 per day) Penthouse Suite 1st and 2nd person pay $6,148.23 ($769 per day) What is included in the Cruise? What is Included: Cruise Package * Shipboard accommodations * Ocean transportation * Most meals * Some beverages * Most entertainment aboard the vessel What is Not Included: Cruise Package * Air transportation * Transfers * Items of a personal nature such as shore excursions, specialty restaurant fees, some beverages, photographs, gratuities/service fees, medical services, AquaSpa® service, etc. * Travel Insurance I will give room images and specifics on the levels of service each type of room comes with. As with anything the more expensive the room, the more benefits you will have. We will have prizes and special events through the days, guest speakers, workshops, seminars and things such as this. Prizes and gifts will depend on the types of sponsors we are able to obtain. Myself and anyone else brave enough to contact companies to have them sponsor shore excursions will do our best to keep every possible expense down and have lots of fun, prizes and goodies. Most of the time, the shore excursions are the most expensive part of the trip, this is why I will focus on as many sponsors as possible to make sure we can get these covered as well. CANADIAN GROUP LEADER? Please I need one really bad! Deborah
  9. woot! I just got off the phone with a web service provider who is our first official sponsor and they are going to donate the website service to us, all I have to do is to pay to register the name. I hope you all don't mind, but I would like to register www.celiacfreedomcruise.com Freedom for one short week to not worry about getting glutened so much says it all. Or if other groups would like to "cruise" other locations together as a group, we could always put that on the website as well. The name of the site is generic enough to cover any "theme" needed. As all sponsors, sponsor for advertising for themselves, the ISP company has requested a small image and link to their site. I was just happy they were willing to do this. We do need to figure out which logo is liked the best, so far the Celiac C's is the most popular, but I have a hard time making a decision based on only 8 votes. As the site will go live within the next 24-48 hours, I kinda need to know real soon, like today, so if you could share those logos with others and get their opinions that would be great as it will take me quite some time to do all the graphics and then put that to a vote with you guys as to which one so that I can turn into a code monkey for a few days to get the site off the ground. Speaking about all this work, who would like to assist with all this? Those that do will be given an email address that I will walk you through setting up through outlook or outlook express depending upon which one you have. Anyone with ties to sponsors or wants to help get sponsors will need one. I will also code a forum into the site that will be dedicated to cruise questions. Just like the many categories in this forum, I have no idea on what categories to have in the cruise forum. So much work and my schedule is really open this week and then jam packed the next six weeks. This is the reason I am pushing to fast and hard to get this launched. I would love to see us Celiacs raid a ship, in order to do that, we need a professional was to present the cruise, costs, benefits and what will be offered. This will help us schedule speakers and sponsors alike. Deborah
  10. Next time he wants to bring home pizza, send him to purchase all the makings for pizza and use this little ditty. Pizza Crust 2 tsp dry active yeast 1 egg 2 Tbsp oil 1/2 tsp vinegar 1 cup warm water 1. Place dry mix in heavy duty mixer bowl. Stir in yeast. 2. Add egg, vinegar, oil and water to dry ingredients and mix for 3 minutes on high speed using an electric mixer. 3. Using a rubber spatula, spread dough evenly on a well greased cookie sheet or 14" round pizza pan. Let rise on top of a warm oven (20 minutes for rapid rise yeast 30 minutes for regular yeast). 4. Bake crust at 425 F for 10 minutes. Top with pizza sauce, 2 cups grated mozzeralla cheese and your choice of pizza toppings. 5. Bake at 425 F for 15 minutes or until cheese bubbles.
  11. Prices on a 7-day cruise. Prices listed are with airfare from my airport (considered one of the most expensive in the U.S.). Keep in mind this is without a group discount. Holland offers only one 7 day (6 nights) cruise in April and it has no stops, you get on in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and get off in Ft. Lauderdale. The price for 2 people per cabin is $3,983 or $1,991.93 per person (inside state room) 147 sq ft The price for 3 people per cabin is $5,486.79 or $1828.93 per person (larger inside state room) 147-187 sq ft The price for 4 people per cabin is $ $6,769.72 or $1,692.43 per person (larger inside state room) 147-187 sq ft Celebrity offers 7 night Eastern Caribbean Sorry guys, all the economy class state rooms are already booked, they only have suites! People book their cruises so far in advance. I won't be providing the price quote here as is is suite only. Now I myself (due to arthritis and limitations will be getting a suite that has a hot tub on the balcony because I have to have this if I want to move after a busy, active day!) Day 1 Sun, Apr 08 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Departure Depart 4:30 PM Day 2 Mon, Apr 09 At Sea Day 3 Tue, Apr 10 Casa De Campo, Dominican Rep Docked Arrive 1:00 PM Depart 11:00 PM Day 4 Wed, Apr 11 San Juan, Puerto Rico Docked Arrive 10:00 AM Depart 8:00 PM Day 5 Thu, Apr 12 Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas Docked Arrive 7:00 AM Depart 6:00 PM Day 6 Fri, Apr 13 At Sea Day 7 Sat, Apr 14 Nassau, Bahamas Docked Arrive 12:00 PM Depart 5:30 PM Day 8 Sun, Apr 15 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Arrival Arrive 7:00 AM
  12. Floridanative, Yes, for budgets a 7 day cruise would work out better, but I wanted to price out the 10 dau cruise because a 7 day cruise would cost less :-) A promotional goods company? No, are a Gold Award, high end Sporting Goods company (the kind with tile and fireplaces) and have to order everything from luggague manufacturers, clothing manufacturers and the likes, so your services would fit right in. Our store deals in high end clothing/gear and items. We then have them embroidered or silk screened based upon the needs. When we get more into this, I will have to get with you prior to speaking with sponsors. As you know, you do need to pre-book and the pre-booking is non-refundable, but they do give some really nice discounts to group sailings so I am very certain that the fees would be much lower.
  13. I started thinking about a group cruise last week to tell you the truth. I figured Richard Simmons used to have his own "sweating to the 50's" or what ever he called his cruises. As I was researching all last week on a cruise for my family, I had done a great deal of work already. Truth be known, way to much work. But yeah, I thought, if I have to do this much work for my own cruise, and felt like my options are limited due to diet, how many others feel the same? Thus, I opted to do research for everyone and thought about how neat it would be to meet all of you guys, help spread the word around the world and passengers who are not gluten-free and everything else. Sorry about the logos, only 10 samples, but I hope you like at least one of them. Deborah
  14. I am working out some ideas for logos, once you guys pick a logo you like the most, please post it in here. I will try to complete 15 or so today, so don't vote until I put Sample Logos at the top in bold words. Once you decide on a logo, this is what goes on t-shirts and stuff. I can put together your top 3 choices in a complete kit to include envelopes, letterhead and business cards. Also, if you would like to change the font let me know. I tried to pick fonts that are easily embroidered or silk screened, thus why they are also in minimal colors. Once you decide you like your top 3 choices, and have seen them put together into a kit, you will have to vote once more on which one you like for the total package best. From there I can do sample websites as both Holland and Celebrity give a discount as well as additional benefits based upon the total number of passengers in a group. From there we can start looking into speakers and people like that, as well as getting corporate sponsorship to help with shore excursions and reduce the total price of the cruise :-). I can even put together electronic newsletters to help get the word out. If there is honestly enough interest here on the board, I can pay the $300 for the year to get our own domain. If you like Celiac Freedom Cruise (which would then allow us to change out the slogan from year to year based upon activity and venue). Wouldn't it be neat to have that Celiac vacation once a year in the future is there is enough interest and we find places affordable to visit and accommodate our special diet? Deborah Here is the URL to the sample logos, remember, I am not done working until you find in red, bold letters "Logo Samples" so hit refresh if you visit prior to my being completed with it. http://www.deborahharr.com/celiac_cruise/l..._samplelogo.php
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