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  1. Sorry I've taken a while to come back to this, I've been feeling pretty awful. I have to admit that I didn't make it past day 5... My throat felt so inflammed it felt like it was closing up and also got very raw and painful. I don't really know what to do now, but I've gone back to being gluten free...
  2. Hi Cycling Lady, It's not for an endoscopy, no, it's for a blood test... I feared it might be optimistically short. Thanks for the links, I will discuss them with my doctor when I see them. Since I have an appointment two weeks after the blood test to discuss the outcome, I'm wondering if perhaps...
  3. Thanks for your reply Cycling Lady I think my doctor just wanted to make sure that the results were likely to be more accurate, given the short time frame, but thanks for clarifying. I guess what I'm experiencing is kinda expected then... I just wish that there was another way to find out! I'm probably...
  4. So, my doctor has put me on a 2 week gluten challenge for a celiac test because of continued gut problems, but I'm a little concerned about how it's going. Also, I'm worried that it will all be for nothing, as I've been pretty much gluten free (aside from the occasional cheat) for a few years now...
  5. Hello, First post after a long hiatus of denial and self imposed gluten-ing (lost my old account details). I've been trying to stick to a gluten free diet on and off for 5 years now, but not managing to be strict for any significant amount of time - maybe a few months max. This is mainly...