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  1. Hi just thought I'd update where we are at. Firstly whilst waiting for the GI follow up appointment I took my daughter to a paediatric dietitian who said even if biopsies are normal do you want to sit back and watch her get worse while you wait for her to show damage. So we started her on gluten free after a week her fatigue started to lift. GI appointment scope results and biopsy negative told him about gluten free he said he happy for her to be gluten free as she probably gluten intolerant. He wants her to stop her iron in 4 weeks wait 4 weeks then retest as well as allergy test for wheat egg soy and dairy. I should ad that her dgp igg bloods were positive again at time of scope but he said they were probably caused by possible allergy and that they were improving the results were 11,10,9 so still no definite answers but with positive bloods positive gene and positive symptom response to gluten free I think that is what we have to do and she isn't happy about it lol😂😂😂
  2. Well endoscopy done this morning. Said that all looked normal no sign of celiac seen normal duodenal cap and preserved villi. but need to wait for biopsies. Report stated mild antral gastritis with erythema found but non specific. Seems like they took a lot of Biopsies. Report stated they took them from lower 3rd and middle 3rd of oesophagus, the antrum of stomach and area in bulb and 1st,2nd and 3rd part of duodenum. So will wait and see two other children in recovery with us had visible damage on their scope so were told they have celiac disease. Dr review clinic not for two weeks. Thanks for everyone for listening we just want some answers now for her increasing fatigue. But maybe it's not celiac after all.
  3. My daughter is having her scope on Tue he said it could still be normal as her bloods even though positive they weren't highly positive. But due to the fact of her on going fatigue even with iron supplements her positive gene test and her dad being a type one diabetic he thinks it's best that he does the scope. Should I start gluten free trial straight after the scope as we can't get back in for results for two weeks and I feel her fatigue is getting worse and we were thinking of trialing gluten free even if scope is negative any thoughts
  4. Finally got the results of the gene test today. She came back positive to DQ2 so our GP has sent a referal to a another paediatric gastro for us to take her to. This paed was also the same paed that the coeliac society suggested we see after I contacted them after the bad experience I had with the first gastro I was referred to.
  5. Was back getting yet another blood test today as the person who took the gene test used the wrong tubes😫😫😫luckily I could bribe her enough to get it done again this time thankfully with the blood lady that usually does her bloods and who does it correctly. She also said it will take two weeks to get result.
  6. Thanks we went back to our usual GP as he wasn't the one who ordered the initial blood test and wasn't the one who sent us to the specialist. He said that we will redo coeliac screen and also do the gene test. He also gave me forms for my partner to go and have screening done too. We have had the testing done just waiting for the results does anyone know how long the gene test takes. We are really hoping that is was a false positive and her symptoms are just from her iron deficiency. So in the mean time we have started her on iron supplements and keeping everything crossed.
  7. That's the frustrating part the dr said she wouldn't do a scope based on her blood results!!
  8. Hi I have a 11 year old daughter who has had severe fatigue for several months. GP did blood test which showed that she was positive to deaminated gliadin Igg but negative to h-tTG iga and iga normal range 1.89 (.74-2.28) Her iron studies were normal except her TRF saturation was low 15% (16-45) she has the occasional GI symptoms sore muscles and mouth ulcers however nothing significant. Her dad is a type 1 diabetic. we saw a paediatric gastro today who said that the coeliac test was false positive and that she is iron deficient and needs a iron infusion she also stated we will need to work out cause of iron deficiency as it can be a malabsorption problem!!!! none of it makes sense as her iron levels appear mostly normal. feeling confused.