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  1. Okay then. If you feel better when avoiding gluten it is likely it is gluten sensitivity. But you really need to educate yourself on how gluten is hidden in prepackaged foods, meds and supplements, particularly when you consider the issue of cross contamination, even when wheat, barley or rye are...
  2. All the symptoms you describe are classic symptoms of Celiac Disease and not just gluten sensitivity. So, I would be surprised if you do not have Celiac Disease. Please ask your doctor to run a Celiac antibody blood panel but it would not be accurate unless you are still consuming gluten.
  3. No offense intended. I just didn't make sense to me that a diagnosed Celiac would intentionally eat wheat bread, sourdough or otherwise, unless you were under the impression that it was okay for Celiacs and hence read that into the article.
  4. Thanks. Great info and gives me more confidence in the compliance end things. And no, I did not realize you founded and ran the gluten-free Mall.
  5. Good information, Scott, but did you mean these products were from Europe for potential sale on the USA or vice versa?
  6. Just a note. I don't know if this applies but just in case: Peptobismol is contraindicated if you are on blood thinners and if you have GERD peppermint tea would be contraindicated. Peppermint relaxes the lower esophagial sphincter.
  7. Please note from the article that the sourdough fermentation effect benefit is not touted for Celiacs but for non Celiacs with other gluten-related issues.
  8. I'm not sure going back to eating gluten for two weeks before the endoscopy is a long enough period. Was that per GI doc instructions?
  9. If you have only been eating gluten-free for a week there has not been near enough time for gut healing (villi regrowth). Feeling better after going gluten-free can take weeks or months to realize and full recovery of the villi longer than that. And I would also be doubtful if your awareness and...
  10. Good question. It's a member of the grass family and considered to be a kind of millet or rice. I think it would be okay.
  11. But there are other cultures/religions that do allow it so each one needs to decide for themselves what's right for them.
  12. The 5 ways to test stomach acid levels link is really helpful. Thanks. I used to bet regular CBC's and CMP's done as part of my medical benefits when I was working. Some of those parameters, particularly iron, serum protein and I think chloride were chronically low, and that was before both my Celiac...
  13. Have you been diagnosed as having Celiac Disease? I personally have not heard of this particular phenomenon being associated with celiac disease. But if this condition reliably appears after you have been "glutened" then there would seem to be a connection of some kind.