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  1. Think I'm good on dehydration (I drink a *ton* of water every day), but that was the first think my brother (a paramedic) asked when I told him how I was feeling. Definitely something important to always be aware of. With regards to the allergies and related immune response I think that's spot on and directly related to what's going on. I (like a dummy) stopped taking my antihistamines early this year (normally I take them literally half the year), it seemed like a mild allergy season so I stopped a few months ago. I just re-started my antihistamines, nasal spray and am taking decongestants and using a Neti pot and have really noticed a positive improvement in my vision and eye pressure, a little less brain fog, as well as a "settling down" of my GI symptoms. Still very sore and tired, but perhaps a little less so. Im wondering if I gave myself a bad case of sinusitis or even a frontal sinus infection that helped throw my whole body out of whack. My positive ANA markers I guess could be caused by infection but I'm still wondering if I caused a flare up of some other related autoimmune disease that was sort of sitting dormant in my body these past 2 years (the rheumatologist will answer that for me I hope). Thank you
  2. I did, thank you. My vitamin B12 was very high (probably from the sublingual vitamin B12 I had just started taking), my vitamin D was low (45 out of their range of 30-100), my TSH & T4 were in the levels you recommended (I guess they didn't test T3). I'm going to start boosting my vitamin D and keep fingers crossed for the additional blood work. Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone, Thank you all again so much for your valuable feedback and recommendations. I just got my initial blood work back and everything came back normal (CBC, CMP, C-reactive protein, Thyroid markers, Sed rate, ron, Folate, Vitamin D & B12) however my ANA came back positive "Pattern: homogeneous Titer: 1:320". I'm going to have some more auto-immune specific blood work done (such as the TPO & TGab as well as Immunoglobulins, C3 & C4) as well as being referred to an immunologist (and I'll definitely ask my doctor about Lyme disease). I have read that ANA will test positive with *un-treated* Celiac disease, but has anyone tested positive with *treated* Celiac disease? (My Celiac blood panel came back 3, so it wasn't flagged as it was within normal range now. Was 70 first time I did the test 2 years ago). Anyone have related auto-immune diseases after/with Celiac and a positive ANA? Thank you again everyone for your help, it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Excellent point. I can't believe I've overlooked asking all my family that (I know many have been tested but probably not all) as well as being re-tested myself to see if I'm accidentally being exposed to gluten (such as through something as unexpected as shampoo etc as has been mentioned in this thread). Thank you
  5. Thank you all so much for the advice, it is immensely appreciated. This whole auto-immune journey is still relatively new to me, so having the recommendations of those who have walked this path before helps a ton. My PCP seemed receptive to my concerns and ordered about a dozen blood tests including nearly all those mentioned in this thread. I began taking a sublingual vitamin B-12 and a much better multi vitamin (both from my local health food store) as well as magnesium and will be checking there this weekend for the liquid options mentioned. I don't know if it's just a placebo, but I feel like *maybe* I noticed a small positive improvement adding all these vitamins. As my family has a long history of auto-immune disorders (psoriasis, diabetes, thyroid disorders, lupus and other more obscure ones) I'm nervous that it could be something new in the auto-immune family. Keeping fingers crossed for vitamin deficiencies and appreciative of everyones' support.
  6. Good point; I have not had my tTG-IgA re-tested since my initial diagnoses. I will definitely do that asap. I too am pretty convinced it's a new illness or perhaps some extreme deficiency that is somehow only manifesting now. It is my understanding that Celiac, being an autoimmune disease, dramatically increases one's chances of developing another autoimmune diseases. That's what I'm afraid of/leaning towards right now. Thank you.
  7. Hi everyone, I have been a long time visitor and appreciator of the support posts here, this is my first time posting. I was hoping to get feedback/advice from those who have experienced glutening-symptoms post gluten-free diet. I was diagnosed by my PCP 2 years ago with Celiac disease and have been on a strict gluten free diet for 2 years. Initially my symptoms (brain fog, fatigue, GI issues and soreness) went away and did so rather quickly after starting the gluten-free diet. Now I find myself 2 years in on a very strict gluten-free diet (no chances for cross-contamination as I don't eat out and my family eats nearly gluten free as well (with no shared pans etc) and have started to experience some very alarming symptoms. About 1 month ago I started to develop some rather severe loss of vision acuity (very difficult to focus as well as sensitivity to light) as well as some dramatic difficulty in mental concentration/thinking (similar to my old gluten-brain fog but not quite the same), feels almost like a 24-hour migraine. I wake up sore and fatigued every morning and the soreness doesn't go away (I have bags under my eyes that make me look like a zombie even though I get 8-9 hours of sleep each night). I've developed shaky hands and a feeling of fidgeting/restlessness in my muscles (arms, legs, even eyelids, just all over) as well as GI issues reminiscent of my gluten days have returned (gosh I forgot how un-fun those are) and I all around just can't seem to function. I've been on a strict elimination diet now for 2 weeks (no dairy or eggs, other grains, nightshades and other inflammatory foods such as soy, legumes etc. Pretty much an AIP diet) with no improvement. My PCP has sent me to an allergist with no food allergies showing in a 91 point skin test. Next up I'm going to a rheumatologist and asking for testing for my vitamins/minerals as well as a referral to a neurologist or someone who can rule out MS/associated neurological autoimmune related diseases. I'm at a loss here and not sure what is causing the symptoms nor how to solve them. I greatly appreciate any and all feedback and advice, and if anyone has happened to have similar symptoms long after going Gluten Free please do let me know what you discovered. Thank you.
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