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  1. While this was a horrible incident, does everyone find it reasonable that destroying the company thru social media is right? Was it malicious? With intent? I am so sorry this occurred, but l get more livid at people who think an accident means they have a privilege to ruin someone. We've somehow...
  2. Thank you , I look forward to reading these links. This is his 3rd autoimmune diagnosis. I have learned to question and not assume the Dr./office is all-knowing or current with the progress being made in the area of disease and better forms of treatment. (experience in this area sadly) ...
  3. We actually met a family who daughter must carry an epi pen. If she ingests any amount of gluten, it is a fast drive to the ER. There home is gluten free, no food is allowed to be brought into their home due to cross contamination concerns. She does not eat anything unless it is prepared by her...
  4. Hi, my teen son's blood work indicates celiac, after waiting on referral (which they require, not our insurance) over 2 weeks have passed. So naturally l omitted gluten during this time to the best of my ability as l learn where it hides, and yes our son says he feels better. And yes he has decided...