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  1. I didn't mean my world fell apart because of celiac but because of something else. Finding out about celiac disease actually gave me hope.
  2. @PosterboyOne thing is though I never get heartburn. And this only happens when I've consumed something for consecutive days, like I had the bananas and too many nuts. But if PH has something to do with it then maybe when I'm eating more vegetables and broth that's why I usually feel much better, it's more alkaline. On a ph urine test whenever I'm feeling like this I ALWAYS have a reading towards the acidic part. When I feel better it always goes towards the alkaline level and usually in the ideal level. Part of it started when I was under high stress in the first place. A few years ago.
  3. I don't know, it's probably best described as a lot of bile, sometimes yellow, sometimes green (sorry) and a lot of mucus (sorry_) and when I eventually throw it up (if it gets to that point) it's burning in my throat, so I equate it with acid. Also because of the term "antacid" I think of it as a lot of acid but I guess it's a lot of bile, mucus and I thought the extra stomach acid produced dealing with whatever food I ate. I've done the wrong thing though because now I'm in the pain I was dreading, with swollen eyes and everything and really bad depression now and hopelessness. I keep
  4. Ennis, to change the subject, have you ever thought of writing a cookbook? I'm serious. Okay, I'm gonna start with a wee little container of nutritional yeast first, then work my way up to the huge container, haha. I'll give it a try though. I'm going to try plugging it in to cronometer and see how it would change my nutrients. I need them, believe me.
  5. What are some solo games people like to play? It could be board games, puzzles, online games, card games, or online games played with other people. But not people you know, lol. Because this happens at odd times so I might be unwell at 2 AM or something. When I'm not well, but well enough to concentrate a small amount, I'd like to have some games or things I can do that don't take a lot of energy or too much thought. I don't mind word games though, or the kind you get from the supermarket. Solve this mystery and that kind of thing. I'm just looking for ideas, so even larger online games
  6. Hummus is a great idea too. I'd have to just have a little bit at a time. I have none of these things here at the moment, lol. But unfortunately this still happens kind of a lot where I get this acid and never know what to do because most of my food is raw or cooked veg or fruit and that doesn't sound very nice when my stomach is not happy. So I'll get all of these things in my next shopping to have on stand-by. Thanks so much.
  7. Ennis that sounds incredibly good. I'd have to experiment. I haven't tried nutritional yeast. I've been scared of it mainly because I don't understand yeast except in baking. It all sounds super wholesome though. This digests pretty well then? For some reason this sounds like it could be a Native American dish. I'd like to try it sometime.
  8. I could get some Alka Selzer. I haven't had any for awhile but it's pretty mild. Cream of rice sounds really nice, I forgot about that. All of the other things sound great too, but I'd probably have to wait a few days to have shrimp or chicken. But I could make it with just broth and then add the other bits the next day. The egg poached in soup sounds amazing for some reason. Thank you. By the way when I've asked around here for glass noodles before everyone looks at me like I'm crazy. Even at Whole Foods they have no idea what I'm talking about. I think I'll just buy them online. I don't
  9. What about small amounts of apples or sweet potatoes? Not a lot but little bits? It would freeze at some point but they come at dusk and keep returning so I could throw stuff out just before that time. I guess alfalfa is a bad idea too if they've not been having any. So carrots are okay too? I've got tons of produce waste. Oh, there's deer food? It never occurred to me. I just want to be careful because the info I read said they take 2 weeks to be able to digest a new food (I can relate) but you can put small amounts till they get used to it. Thank you. I'll give them some kitchen sc
  10. I have just started noticing some acid in my stomach along with slightly bad feelings, like super early signs of a food reaction/headache. I've been eating bananas lately which I couldn't do at ALL before and that may be what's triggered it. Too much sugar. What are actions other people might take when feeling this. For example, I could totally fast and drink just water or weak herbal tea until it all gets out of my stomach and everything settles down. Or I could eat something not hard to digest but that will mix with and push stuff through my stomach. I have to be very careful though if
  11. Does anyone know, apart from corn, what you can do to help the deer in very cold mid winter? Corn apparently is not a good thing to do if they haven't been having it. Plus I'd prefer not to give that stuff to any creature personally. They've been eating bits of bird seed that's on the ground, but I was going to put extra for them but now it seems that's not such a good idea. Or only in very small amounts scattered about the yard so they don't get too much. I read about cutting branches so they hang down but that was for March when they have buds. Would it help in January? I'll do that if it wi
  12. Well, I could get my fix from baking with wonderful spices as you say. In fact, maybe it is because I have been able to eat more variety that I'm even thinking of scents. I put a teeny bit of curry in my food recently and it was so amazing to smell. (I used to live in Indian and Thai restaurants:) Maybe that really is what it's about . I also sometimes burn beeswax candles and love the smell of those. Or there are these natural bayberry candles that are really mild but nice but they are really expensive. Your homemade cologne doesn't sound weird to me. Maybe I'll try just making som
  13. Since I've spent a lot of the last year not well (including headaches) and now I have some small repreive at the moment for some reason I'm stupidly missing wearing any fragrances. Maybe because it's Christmas and I've been looking at party clothes and stuff. I am normally fragrance free EVERYTHING, including laundry stuff. The most I can handle is Trader Joes lavendar dish soap, lol. But only sometimes. I'm toying with the idea of maybe some kind of very light fragrance. I think it has to be natural though. And it has to be weak. Does anyone know if that exists or is there anything anyone ver
  14. Wow, in that case it's well worth it to me. I'll look into that. It wouldn't be hard at all if you had a pot boiling. Thanks!
  15. By the way, is there any benefit at all to parboiling things before freezing them? I thought it might kill any bacteria. I guess I can google it and stop bothering you. But if you have any thoughts about it I'd like to hear them. Otherwise thanks for all the tips. I'm ready to hit the grocery stores now and see what's going cheap! Instead of designer shoes, which I never gave a toss about anyway, I'm going to be scoping vacuum sealers in the January sales, lol.
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