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  1. So aside from the title, I’ve still been experiencing diarrhea, and severe abdominal pain. The gi said she thinks I have ibs d. I’m worried it might be refractory celiacs. I’ve gone 100% gluten-free for these 7 months as I feel like s$#& and want to be well. I’ve changed my kitchen tools, pots, pans etc. I have also changed all my beauty products to gluten-free ones, including lotion, makeup, shampoo etc. I don’t eat gluten and I don’t even eat out or at others houses. I don’t understand why I still have the antibodies. My ONLY idea is maybe a course of antibiotics I took for mouth surgery (military isn’t very nice about my celiacs and wouldn’t change my medicine even if it said “contains wheat” on it so I didn’t Nima test it. Although that was 7 days and I felt the same dying the period I was on those as I did these last 7 months. I have been glutened early into my time so I know how that feels for me so I really don’t think it was the antibiotics. Either way I still feel like crap and was wondering if anyone has some insight. At this point I’m like dang I should just eat gluten it wouldn’t be any different ( I def wouldn’t but I laugh about how it wouldn’t change things for me)
  2. The military rejects ANYONE with celiacs regardless of whether you have a “grunt” classified job. As someone who is currently active duty and recently diagnosed I can assure you the military is NOT a safe or healthy environment for celiacs. Most military assignments ( to be considered fit to be in the navy you are supposed to be fit for sea duty) will require you to eat at the galley. Especially when you first join and are forced to live in the barracks. Not only is the galley you’re required to eat at FULL of mostly gluten items, non gluten items are contaminated. I stand duty every 4 days (duty is where you stay overnight on the ship and don’t leave until end of working day the next day) I have to pack so much food, there’s gluten all over the place so even your own food can become contaminated with you being careful. Not to mention people make fun of you and leave gluten containing products with notes on them. If I get exposed (which happens often) I’m exhausted and in the bathroom literally all day for the next three days. THis is NOT compatible with military life. The navy doctor (after being diagnosed by a civilian GI) was like “well you can eat a little”, “you’re going to go crazy trying to see if there’s gluten in every little thing just don’t eat bread” they are ignorant and apathetic. Then he told me to bring my own food for a 9montj deployment.... um no bud I can’t have that much food in my rack. Plus boot camp requires you to eat the gluten food also for 8 weeks (longer in other branches) even if you COULD be assigned to somewhere not on a ship or deployed (mostly the point of my branch) I am very sick, shriveling away and miserable. Do not wish this on anyone else please. I know all y’all are just trying to be nice but people will get sick.
  3. So I just wanted to put this information out here for anyone diagnosed while in the military. (Specifically the navy) You wont automatically get kicked out. I assumed this to be true because it’s all there was for me to read online... a bunch of people saying they were getting kicked out. (Which makes sense since you aren’t allowed to join if you are already diagnosed) if you are already on a ship and experiencing problems, I feel like you would have to get kicked out. I was at a shore command when diagnosed, and was able to switch my diet easily and contamination free because I lived alone off base. I got orders to a ship that just entered the shipyard and doesn’t have an operational galley so I can bring my own food that isn’t contaminated. Idk if since being gluten free you feel better already, but it’s been 6 months since diagnosis and I still feel like garbage and have bathroom troubles. I personally don’t think I’m suited to be on the ship. I still suffer abdominal pain frequently and it’s often debilitating. If you are reading this and wish to join. You cannot and would not want to. In boot camp pretty much everything to eat is gluten. And anything that isn’t... is probably heavily contaminated. You will likely be screwed when it comes time to go to an operational billet, as you will get sick eating the galley food there as well. When you bring your own food people make fun of you for being gluten free even though you have a disease. It’s not a good environment for a celiac, unless you don’t eat gluten free. This information is elsewhere but : if you are deemed not fit for full duty you will be placed on light duty (maybe) or the will go straight to LIMDU. With limdu you will receive orders to a non operational command. You will be assessed every 6 months and after 3 limdu periods will go to a medical evaluation board. You can request a medical evaluation board at any time and the doctor can send you straight there as well if they don’t think your condition will improve. If you are deemed unfit by the med board you will be medically separated. You will unlikely receive disability payments (from what I’ve heard from others ) because celiacs is a hereditary condition. But you will receive a separation package ($) . My experience : 6 years active duty, 2 limdu cycles (for knee problems), worked at an MTF, had a friend that went through the entire med board/ separatation process. If anyone else ***THAT SERVED IN THE MILITARY*** has anything else useful/additional to add. That would be cool too ! If anyone has any questions I can answer also here is cool.
  4. I love this community you guys are awesome thank you so much!!
  5. So pizza was a huge staple in my life (healthy I know) and I’ve tried about 4 different gluten-free pizzas (UDI’S being one of them) and I honestly HATE IT. It’s like a thin crust pizza that’s over cooked on the bottom and gummy and chewy/undercooked on the top. But that’s just how it tastes ! It seems to me all gluten-free pizza is like this and I should just give up on the pizza quest 😂. And please no suggesting cauliflower pizza 🤮
  6. Cheerymarie

    Post-diagnosis depression

    Omg I just saw an add for hungry root which is apparently vegan and gluten free meal delivery service and i thought of you !! Hope it works out
  7. Cheerymarie

    Post-diagnosis depression

    Snap also I forgot to mention. Ignorance can be bliss until you get cancer! Undiagnosed celiacs can cause lots of types of cancer. I personally had a pre cancerous polyp removed (I’m 25!!!) I wouldn’t have had a colon screening until 50! Very thankful for celiacs versus death by horrible cancer.
  8. Cheerymarie

    Post-diagnosis depression

    Diagnosed in late September myself, I feel you! I totally understand what you are going through you are NOT whiny, it does suck. As time passes you figure out little things that make it way easier overall. The first few months I’ve been really depressed and the holidays were SO hard this year since it was all still brand new. I bought a NIMA (gluten sensor) and that honestly has helped a lot with checking for cross contamination and going out to eat, or going to relatives. As far as not cooking there are actually a decent amount of gluten-free frozen dinners! Even lean cuisine brand! More so in places like earth fare or one of those type places but Walmart has a surprisingly good selection. As far as the vegetarian thing I am so sorry, it would be possible to continue but you’d be very very limited. There are nutritionists that specialize in celiacs disease if you are having trouble I would recommend. Definitely check out the newbie posts here. This website has a bunch of other celiacs that are here for you anytime you need to talk. Pasta blends are the best like rozonis gluten-free pasta. There’s a delicious brand of break and bake cookies called sweet Loren’s. They are SOOO good and they are vegan, dairy free and nut free! I’ve found discovering all these things that taste just like the gluten version has made me much happier bc I don’t feel like I’m missing out on as much. If you do decide to make some stuff most “paleo” and “whole30” recipes are gluten-free so that another good google tool like “paleo stuffing” etc. also there’s a lab that pays $1000 for your blood within 1 week of diagnosis so they can use it to make more blood tests. I wish I would have known bc I spent a pretty penny replacing food and beauty items. Best of luck! When first diagnosed I read a bunch of posts saying “ it’s not as bad as you think” from celiacs and it made me sad bc I was all “yessss it isss “ but I realized they were all right a few months later.
  9. What I wish I heard when I was you : It seems surreal now, you’re imagining how shitty it might be and yes it can be shitty. The first month was probably the hardest of my life but it does get better, you do realize how much there truly is for you. You just have to figure out where to go. Some grocery stores suck for gluten-free stuff just the traditional one Section. Others are super friendly and have stickers on individual items throughout the store to let you know. I bought the NIMA (gluten sensor) and it’s helped a lot with going to out eat or eating at family’s house. Turns out also there’s a lab that pays $1000 for blood sample if you’ve been diagnosed within the last week (bc your blood contains the antibodies they can use to make tests) found that out at post diagnosis by two weeks and you will start feeling better. Definitely check out this sites newbie posts. Also I personally didn’t have dermatitis herpetiformis (skin rash from gluten exposure some celiac have) so I didn’t see the need to switch beauty products but have since realized how much shampoo gets on your lips (and inside mouth) while washing and have switched. Best of luck to you, I hope you feel better soon. ❤️
  10. Googled this hoping to find the answer a few days ago. I purchased a Nima Sensor. I tried deans today and it told me it was gluten free. HOWEVER, it could just be this jar I’m not saying hands down other tubs of it couldn’t be contaminated. However I thought it would be nice to share!
  11. backstory: I was diagnosed via biopsy and blood test 9/25 is when I was told by the GI doctor (civilian). I went to navy medical for sea duty screening and was told “bring your own food on deployments” which honestly isn’t possible for a 9 month carrier deployment nor do I WANT to live off gluten free snacks, while working such long hours. ( I feel like I will become malnourished) I was also told by the navy doctor “not everything on the ship has gluten in it” yes I agree but you’re referring to the salad bar and I can’t live off iceberg lettuce and carrots. Also there’s a serious concern for cross contamination. Then he told me “ I mean you can have a little gluten just don’t eat bread” I’m convinced this dude is a flaming idiot. So he’s sending me to sea and I’m terribly scared I’m going to get those HORRIBLE stomach pains again (which I’m still having less intense versions of) which is what got me into the ER which is how I got a referral to the civilian GI. I have been in for 5 years and my job is primarily an at sea job as I am a nuke. I have already done my time at shore, plus some due to knee surgery. I don’t know what to do, I really don’t want to be super sick again.
  12. He left a voicemail (which I was really thankful for bc it is SO hard to get ahold of someone) and said the celiac panel came back positive and told me to start a gluten free diet and asked me to call him. He said he was going to set me up with a nutritionist. I will definitely check out the newbie page. I am in the navy and I'm pretty sure I get kicked out for this. The first grocery trip was pretty difficult for me. I almost cried thinking about how different my life will be. Thanks for the support everyone !
  13. I've been having diarrhea for the last year which I attributed to stress. In the last three months I've been having INTENSE abdominal pain(all over not from gas bc I took anti gas medicine) gas, and bloating. The doctor ordered an upper and lower endoscopy. He found a precancerous polyp (not the cause of symptoms) removed it, performed biopsy on the irritated tissue he saw in my small intestine. Biopsy results came back as increased IELS. he said the results are a sign of celiacs and said he was ordering a blood test to "confirm the diagnosis" he ordered a celiac panel, t4 free, TSH, and lipase test. These other tests make me think he isn't really sure what it is. Could it really be celiacs with just the elevated IELS? (As a Longtime NSAID user I read online could have caused damage to small intestine although hadn't taken any for two months prior to endoscopy). I haven't heard anyone else's story like this, having endoscopy prior to blood work and starting to think I might not have celiacs. Just him saying "to confirm the diagnosis" made me think that's what HE thinks it is. Thoughts ? Appreciate any input!