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  1. You all are so amazing. Thank you so very much for the responses. I always feel 'weird' questioning a doctors orders but this just did not sit right with me. I will be contacting another doctor asap now that I know what I was told was not correct. Thank you all so much again!
  2. Hello everyone. Within the last 2 months I have been diagnosed with celiac disease by my endocrinologist who I see for Graves' disease. Upon learning that my blood tests came back sky high for celiac disease, I came back to speak with my endocrinologist on what to do next. They told me to of course...
  3. I was diagnosed with celiac disease 3 weeks ago, since going gluten free..I have already purposely injested gluten twice just out of sheer cravings honestly..I'm 88 lbs it doesn't even look like I crave water but I crave fast food all day everyday and will even get myself so upset that I cry about...