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    And I have had the gluten-free plain wraps (liked better than another place's) and the gluten-free white bread (liked that a lot. Had to get use to trying different brands before I realized it's like testing water/milk/ice cream :-) They don't all taste the same. I was used to eating wheat bread for a LONG TIME (not trying to reveal my age) and had to do the IT'S NOT REGULAR PEOPLE WHITE BREAD talk to myself to even try it. It was good. And, of course the spaghetti is okay but I'm a fan of the cost of it @ Trader Joe's, instead (cost less) and and the Rice Squares & Corn Squares are okay and I LIKED the Cheese Pizza, too :-)
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    ooh, let me tell ya!!! I like Aldis a lot (who can pass up inexpensive?) so shopped there BEFORE I had to go gluten-free and now AFTER I do some of the gluten-free brand w/NO PROBLEM. BE CAREFUL - I learned the hard way they put wheat in some of the herb/spice stuff :-(