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  1. Part of her anxiety may be related to the gluten. My daughter's most noticeable symptoms are mood and behavior. Maybe gluten free will curb the anxiety? Good luck:)
  2. Yes I spoke to the representative at Sandoz and they confirmed that their suppliers report using a wheat product. West Ward stated they have no gluten and no chance of contamination. I have her on that now.
  3. West Ward is safe as of today according to the company. Unfortunately I found a list that said Sandoz brand was safe so I got a new perscription and gave her that. Not good. Talked to the company today and they said some of the ingredients contain wheat. 😣. This sucks. Now it will be a 2-3 week ordeal. Jekell and Hyde behaviors/ belly aches/bed wetting/hitting kids at school.... This stinks!!
  4. Thank you. The stuff they gave her is from West-Ward. I have not given it to her yet as I am unable to reach the company. I'm hoping they'll be open tomorrow. I will definitely call my Pharmacy and see if they can order from TEVA.
  5. Teagan has strep throat. The doctor talk to the pharmacist and they could not guarantee that her Amoxicillin would be gluten free. The pharmacist is fairly confident there are no gluten-containing ingredients but cannot be sure. She is very sensitive and often can be glutened just from cross contamination. Does anyone have any experience with Amoxicillin glutening their child or themselves? It is a suspension liquid. When she gets sick it's for 2 weeks or more I'm not sure if it's worth it. Any input?
  6. She was diagnosed with her allergies by a blood test. Thank you everyone for your help. I have started her on probiotics and Nature's Vitality Call. I live you n a very small town so I could not find the other suggested items but am looking online😄. I am hoping to keep her in school but it's nice to know I have options if I can't. Thank you again.
  7. Yes she is diagnosed with Wheat, Gluten, and Milk allergy.
  8. No I don't know what that is. The school's been understanding but I just can't have her hurting the other kids were attacking the principal so I've decided to keep her home until she starts acting normal again. She has not been officially diagnosed with celiacs we have an appointment soon. She is allergic to gluten wheat and milk. It seems like the gluten or the wheat affect her mood greatly.
  9. My daughter (6) was recently glutened by a friend of the family. She gave her a drink that didn't have gluten in it but was made at a factory that has gluten contamination. She recently just started a brand new school because we hadn't diagnosed her allergies yet and she has severe behavior problems when she is glutened and she wore out her welcome at Catholic School. We were keeping her gluten free and her behaviors were wonderful. Like I said she started the new school and was doing great unbeknownst to me she was glutened and I did not know. She had a terrible week at school punching people kicking people hit and kick the principal. She is wet the bed every night for 8 days. Is there any way to flush this out of her system faster. Normally when she gets glutened it's a 10 to 14 day process. It hasn't happened in a long time..... Right now I can't even send her to school.