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  1. How long have you been free of DH? Did you have damage to your small intestine as well? How do you avoid cc? Do you still enjoy eating out? I am only putting things together since I’ve been diagnosed. I have had this rash for a year..... but I have always had slight symptoms. Stomach aches, gas, constipation... lately sore joints. I’ve had all kinds of blood work. For RA, ANA, Thryoid, HIV, and more. Celiacs was the only culprit to date. I have seen three different doctors this year and I have had close to 15 appointments. I feel like I finally have the right answers. I am happy I’m not in this alone.
  2. Hello, thank you for responding. Here are the lab results. Range Endomys Ab Ttr 1:320 *@ [<1:10] Range Gliadin IgG Ab 128 H@ [0-19] Units Gliadin IgA Ab 204 H@ [0-19] Units Range TTG IgA >100 H@ [0-3] unit/mL The doctor said there was no need for a biopsy, since I had been using steroid ointments with no luck, and I also had a patch test done with an allergist with no luck. My allergist told me with out a biopsy it can’t be DH for sure so to continue avoiding fragrance which I had an allergy too. The rash does almost go away, the bumps take forever, like a few months. Maybe because I keep scratching.... but before it clears up all the way it blows up all over again. I’ve made some big changes real quick. Hoping to learn how to avoid cc by seeing the nutritionist. I have read that it can take forever to heal on diet alone. We’re tou also taking dapsone? I’m currently on 25 milligrams. I will also look into beginner tips so I can take care of myself the best I can. Thank tou for realinding.
  3. Hello everyone..... Does this look like DH? It’s real itchy, and even on both sides of my body. I’ve been diagnosed with everything from ezcema, to contact dermatitis, to now, my third doctor for a third opinion who said it’s DH. She ran 4 different blood tests which all came back positive for celiacs. She did not do a biopsy. I have the rash on both elbows, both knees, both legs from the knees to the feet. I have started Dapsone and a gluten free diet, only one week in with no change, I have a referral for GI and I am seeing a nutritionist next week for deficiency in iron and vitiman d. Any ideas? Thank you so much.
  4. Thanks for responding. I've only had blood work. The derm is setting me up with a GI who will likely do more testing. I'm currently in Puerto Rico working on storm damage and may not return back to the states for a few more weeks. I did the blood work before I came out here and was called with the results. I will make sure they do a punch biopsy and an endoscopy if they feel it's neccesssry too.
  5. Hello guys. I have been experiencing a rash for about 8 months. I was told over and over I had ezcema and have been slowly bumped up to the highest topical steroid cream. After frustration of the rash continuing I went to an allergist. I did not react to food or airborn allergies but I did have an allergy to fragrance and formaldehyde. I have replaced everything in my house from top to bottom. I followed all the rules for a month and no changes. I recently went to a new Dermatologist. She observed my rash and tested me for celiacs. I tested real high on the following tests: TTg IgA >100 Glaidin IgG 128 Glaidin IgA 204 Endomys Ab Ttr 1:320 the Doctor phoned me to diagnois me with Dermatitis Herpetiformis and has made a refferal with a GI Doctor. She did not recommend that I need a skin biopsy, is that normal? I am currently awaiting for that appointment. I have been reading a lot about this disease and I wanted to know what other people are experiencing with this rash. For me it's: Re occurring (constant) new little blisters on my hands. They itch and burn and I itch until the skin breaks. It seems like my hands never heal. My skin is rough and very thick. My skin is also peeling and hard. New blisters continue to form. There is fluid under the skin around old blisters that have opened. Its also on my Outter elbows and knees. But it looks different. The bumps are larger and do not appear to have fluid in them. They itch but not as bad as my hands. I also have them on my feet as well. They seem to never heal. I have scratched them open several times. A few of them I have left alone for like a month and they seemed to lay flat but they are still there. Slightly purple in color. Im wondering if I was misdiagnosed or if I have more than one skin condition. I'm also reading conflicting facts that this means I would also have celiacs..... I am experiencing some light joint pain. Either way I am patiently awaiting my GI appointment but as I understand it, I need to remain on a gluten diet until he/she can run a biopsy if desired. All of my other blood tests came back negative. My white blood cells were elevated. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, Michelle
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