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  1. So having done a bit of research (learning to deal with this gluten intolerance is still new to me) I learned that I have to eat differently after getting glutened, doh! Makes perfect sense. So yes, Kareng, I'm now eating cleaner (including staying away from corn chips) for the next few weeks til I get back on track. I guess that's what you meant....
  2. Corn doesn't bother me and tortilla chips are one of my "safe" foods, especially if I stick with my 2 most trusted brands. Since I'm especially leery right now I'd really like to know from anyone who's tried them if there was a reaction.
  3. Hi, I've had a particularly bad week even though I have been careful. It's been frustrating trying to find things I'm ok with. My husband just brought home Simply Balanced tortilla chips because he thought they were the ones I trust which are actually O Organices Blue Corn chips with sesame seeds (yum!) I really want to eat these but I'm dubious even though they are Certified, I've still been hit with food that had the gluten-free certification. Anyone had them?
  4. Ok just to set the record straight, I tried one more cookie and then another and now half the package is gone so clearly these cookies are not to blame for the reaction I had that day. Still don't know what got me but it wasn't these!
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've been gluten free for just over a year and have been pretty good about staying away from processed foods and bread substitutes. I was just really jonesing for my grandma's banana pudding. Zanthan gum, soy and corn don't bother. So Googling the other two things I ate around the same time I only came up with one tiny web hit pointing to the fig of all things but I'm doubtful. It was an article about foods high in FODMAPs (whatever those are) which included figs and prunes. It suggests they trigger gastrointestinal symptoms. Well yeah! But I eat prunes all the time so I feel like I'm just reaching. Adding this to my food log but I may take a chance and try another piece of cookie one more time in another day or so and cross my fingers before ruling them out completely. I don't believe any company is perfectly infallible even if they do have a great reputation. I'm still super sensitive and have been occasionally triggered by other products that others seem to have no problem with.
  6. Has anyone had a reaction after eating any of the Shär gluten-free cookies? I want to make my grandmas old banana Pudding recipe which calls for Nilla wafers. I got the Shär gluten-free chocolate thins as a substitute. They are delicious but an hour after sampling one I started having major symptoms! The only thing I ate just before this was a pair and a fig from my neighbors tree. I should add that I am supersensitive but everything I've read about the company shows they have a pretty spotless record in terms of cross-contamination and dedicated facilities.