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  1. Hello everyone, So my story. Suspected celiac from some time now.Symptoms: Abdominal pain right upper and lower abdomen Extreme bloating like pregnant Hair loss iron deficient but normal hemoglobin Joint pain etc Have been first to rheumatologist. Did a cheap (bad idea)panel blood test with all antibodies.Another doctor said these sometime are cheap and give false positives. AMA antibody came positive.Was scared went to do liver tests all were normal.Another doctor said it was probably an error because I can.t have PBC(primary billiaey chirossis.) So back to gastro. Did celiac test Translutaminase IGa Igg. Were negative.I did eat gluten that time but there were maybe 2 weeks out of six when I disn.t eat.but a week before I did the test I did eat gluten.Anyway I did these some years ago and were also negative.But at a different lab some years ago it showed IGa or Igg deficiency I don.t remember.Now I did only total IGa and IGm and were normal.The thing is in my country Some labs are just bad and give false results and I have to repeat endlessly all the blood tests. I am tired of feeling bad.I have sometimes such a severe pain like i am about to give birth. I am scared it might be my gallblader but Actually all blood tests for that disear are normal. And funny thing after I eliminate some gas the pain mostly goes away.so it might be the classic IBS like doctors say when they don.t know what you have. All my life I had iron deficiency.Calcium deficiency.Vitamin d3 deficiency. Extreme fatigue despite sleeping 13 hours. And lots of other symptoms. I am tired of going to endless doctors. I might try the gluten free chalenge and forget about doint blood tests because I can.t take the pain anymore. Can gallbladder be inflamed from celiac and show some positive antibody for PBC but still not really be PBC,? Did anyone had similar issues? Doctors will not do biopsy for celiac if they see the blood tests are negative so no chance for biopsy.
  2. Please help, I am 30.All my life from childhood I had upset stomach pain and cramps.As a child was frequently treated for giardia and still had cramps.As a child so strange I had bumps with water on skin.Not redness nothing else.Just bumps filled with water all over my body.Later I never had these.But in my early teens I started with fatigue anxiety.Then extreme fatigue.Hair fallen.Eyebrow loss over a few years to nonexistent eyebrow.Always low iron even with supplementing.Low vitamin D3.Low calcium and magnesium.Gastrointestinal for a few months now I have cramps daily.Diarheea almost daily.Treated for parasites and giradia.nothing changed. OTHER symptoms. Bone pain.Spinal pain.Headache.Eye floaters.Done MRI and eye exams nothing all clear Low iron again at blood work. Low exercise tolerance. So bloated I seem like pregnant in 9 months even !!!if i lost weight the last three months Itchiness all over body but no bumps just redness Itchiness extreme on the scalp. Petechiae small red spots all over my body this is for years now. Tried gluten free even though in my country very hard to keep up with this. Only for few days then gave up and tried again and so on. Did some blood work but only 2 antobodies and not IGa and Igg judt one of them.Negative.this was two years ago. I don't know what to do. Oh and mouth ulcers. And have gas i am afraid because i can hardly control because i am extremely bloated. I am desperate. Thanks.