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  1. My PCP had me tested and it came up negative as well.  She then told me, you are not Celiac, its all in your head, you need to start eating Gluten! 

    I then spoke to my gastroenterologist and he asked how long I had been on a gluten-free diet prior to taking the test. I told him about 9 months, to which he stated it should have come up negative.  According to him, the blood test checks for a particular enzyme which people who are celiac have and if you are not actively eating Gluten it will not show up in the test.  He concluded I have two choices:

    1 - start actively eating Gluten and in a month retake the test.

    2 - If I feel better then when I was eating Gluten, why change and continue a gluten-free Diet and continue feeling better.

    I chose # 2.

  2. The one thing I am not is a doormat, but I have friends who are and I will often stand up for them when in public.  You are so right when saying you must be polite but firm.  One of the associate pastors at the church told me had keeps gluten-free hosts on hand and will make sure I get it when he is there and the Pastor is not. 

    A few weeks ago we had a breakfast at work and everyone brought something in, I always bring something substantial (like a hash brown casserole)  I know I can eat and only eat that.  This time I felt bad because one of the girls brought in eggs with bacon and no one ate it.  SO I asked her what was in it and she said eggs, milk and bacon. I tried some and got sick as a dog, she then said well not bacon but bacon bits!!!

    I had a male friend who mocked me the other day and said how bad can it be.  So I told him I would replicate the feeling for him so he could feel it.  He agreed so I told him to drink this bottle of vinegar all at once, then I would punch him in the stomach about 4 or 5 times and throw him into the pond (it was a rather chilly day).  He asked, how would that prove anything.  I said that's how I feel when I eat Gluten, so lets go out side and I will demonstrate.  He declined and no longer harasses me (I'm glad because I typically only resort to violence as a means of self-defense, and I'm quite adapt at it!).

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  3.  I see this directly with my Doctors, in Restaurants and with friends.  I have not be diagnosed with Celiac, the two tests done came up negative.  My family doctor thinks I am crazy and need to resume eating gluten because of the negative result and she is not sold on Celiac or Gluten Intolerance as real. My GI Doc. said they came up negative because I had not consumed Gluten for 6 - 8 months prior to taking the test. He has given me two choices, start eating gluten again and in a month or so retake the test or just go without because it makes me feel better.  My reactions are pretty sever with I eat Gluten accidently - I get stabbing pains in my stomach, very nauseous and really cold (like when you have the flu and you have a fever) which lasts for 1 to 2 hours. 

    I have friends who have told me just to eat around the gluten (we were served stuffed pork loin) and at times told a little wont hurt you. The pastor of my church told me its too much trouble to provide the gluten free host because if he accommodated me he would have to accommodate everyone and there are too many people he know would need the accommodation.  He then said to Suck it up and be a man (very pastoral). 

    I had a pizza restaurant clean up the area, change gloves, use clean ingredients. Then place my pizza in the wood fire oven, on the stone which all the pies go and next to and touching at time a regular pizza.  When I said something they said it will be ok and not worry about how they do things.   On another occasion I called a local restaurant if they had any Gluten Free options, the girl who answered the phone asked the owner who yelled "tell him we have nothing for him!  We will not feed him we have nothing!"  One Chef asked me what had Gluten in it. Another restaurant manager said we deal with this all the time, if you want something Gluten Free call us 24 hrs. in advance and we will make sure you are accommodated.  I thought great and called back 24 hrs. (actually 36 hrs.) before.  I asked him what they can do gluten-free, and one thing was Chicken or Eggplant Parm.  They would get gluten-free bread crumbs and make it.  So I ordered the chicken and my daughter the eggplant, both came without breading. When I asked the waiter he said the Chef told him he forgot to go out to buy it and so this is what we can do and you should be pleased we do that.  I have ordered that in other restaurants and been happy but this one is much pricier and only went there because of their promise.

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