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  1. Thanks for those suggestions. In case anyone else is going there, here are some really good other places that I went to. Ira's Deli: C 111 Lombard Ave, 949-1116 Basils: 137 Osborne St, 284-3000 Pasta la Vista: 234 Donald St, 956-2229 The Keg: 115 Garry St, 942-7619
  2. Does any one know any good restaurants in Winnipeg? I'll be there for a week and any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I think I got that same e-mail too.. with the dogs all dressed up. I don't know how to post it though. Can you even put photos on here?
  4. Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. Nope, I think the gray and white one is the Blue House Cafe. I've never eaten there. The Quarry is probably about half a block down towards the other end of Main Street (#718 Main St). Unfortunately I missed your interview on TV. Do you know if there's a link to it online? I looked but didn't see one.
  6. Does anyone know any good restaurants in Saskatoon? I'm going there for about a week. Thanks!
  7. I live in Canmore, and always go to Nutters. It's really good. They're doing renovations now to open up in a bigger store (which hopefully means more stuff), so their supply might be somewhat limited for the next while, but they still have quite a bit. If you're in town, and want to go somewhere good for dinner, go to the Quarry downtown. I've eaten there quite a few times and haven't had any problems. They don't have a specific gluten free menu, but the chefs are really good and know quite a bit about it.
  8. That's funny... I'm going to try that some day
  9. I met some lady with celiac disease the other day and she was surprised when I told her I didn't do anything special for detoxification when I found out I had celiac disease (I just stopped eating gluten). I'm not sure what else she did, but she mentioned that she just recently went for blood tests at an aruvetic (not sure what the actual word is) practitioner, and after 9 months she could still see gluten in her bloodstream. If you stop eating it though, shouldn't it be out of your bloodstream without doing anything additional? What does anyone else think about this?
  10. You could try La Messagere. I like it alright, and I didn't even like beer before. Some of my beer drinking friends have tried it and said it's not terrible. Sorry you didn't like it.
  11. The first time I ate out I went to a vegetarian restaurant, and did everything the books told me to. I called ahead, had my celiac association card, talked to the server and chef about it... and the main course was good. Then the server came around and was talking about dessert and said he had a perfect gluten free dessert for me. It was some berry crumble ice cream stuff and I was all excited because everything else was good and it seemed like he understood. But when I asked what the crumble part was he said "I don't know, but all the vegans eat it". I made him check, and of course I couldn't eat it.
  12. I just got some La Messagere at Alberta Spirits! Seems like they're expanding where they sell it. I wasn't a beer drinker before, but this stuff isn't too bad.
  13. Kathy Ann, I really liked your speedboat analogy. Some of my "friends" fit perfectly into that category. They ask questions and pretend like they know what's going on, but then in the next sentence they'll tell me to try something I'm unsure about and see if it makes me sick. Or ask if I've started reintroducing wheat yet. So I know they don't really get it. That's mostly my old friends that do that. New people that I've met since being disgnosed with celiac disease are awesome. They read my gluten free books and ask tons of questions as things come up, not just a one time thing. My last roommate was the best- she'd make me cookies and then write a note saying she used my butter and pans to make sure they didn't get cross contaminated. Heather
  14. What's a good way of saying what happens when you eat gluten? I have to eat out with people quite a bit for work, and I never know what to say past 'it makes me sick' if they keep asking. Generally I just go out for one or two meals with the same people, then never see them again- they're here for business, so I don't feel the need to explain it in a lot of detail. And I don't even really like talking about it all- in detail or not. Any ideas on what I can say? Or how to change the topic?
  15. That sucks. Next time you should go to Splitt- the mostly gluten free restaurant. They have real bread and beer there, but everything else is gluten free. I went there for the first time last week and it was super good. Even my friends that eat normal food liked it.
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