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  1. Thank you for the reply Tyler. I have been thinking about possibility of cc. However, we eat mostly fresh food -- we don't really use products that are prone to cc. Then again, sometimes my wife likes to eat bread and such. We put everything in the same dishwasher -- I don't know if there's a possiblity...
  2. Before celiac diagnosis, I was suffering from hairloss, I had a very obvious empty spot of no hair in middle my head and hairline was withdrawing. After going gluten free, hair came back, hairline got better and the bald spot was a hair spot again. Then 5-6 months later hairloss started occuring...
  3. I signed up to make a post about my situation, but it seems like you just did it for me! I'm exacly the same, 6 months, it's better but not much. I also had horrible doctor experience. Went to doctor, told that I most likely have problem with food, doctor signs me off as a depressed person,...