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  1. I'm super new to this. Why do some glutenous foods make me sicker than others? If I were to eat greasy gluten, for instance....bad deal. Would be sick for 3 days with flu like symptoms and the DH would flare up. However, if I sneak some cake (I know, I know)...it doesn't even affect me. I don't feel...
  2. I was tested for celiac after already being gluten free for 2 months. My levels came back totally normal. So, I went back to eating gluten. The awfulness kicked right back in. The brain fog...the massive bloating...the watery diarrhea...the headaches...the blisters on my hands...the rashes, blah...
  3. OUCH. Just got my test results back and I was a "1" on both the IGG an IGA...so, negative. She said she was surprised because she was just sure that the test would come back positive. Ok, cool...so now what? I'm not bloated when I'm off gluten. I don't have stomach pain. I don't have diarrhea. I...
  4. For an entire two YEARS, I've been trying to figure out what's wrong with my gut. I was sure it had to be gallbladder...never was. Now, I'm wondering about gluten or dairy. Here are the symptoms low iron levels, anxiety, depression, SUPER foggy on the daily, headaches, cold hands and toes that...