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  1. Thanks for the responses. Threw myself a major pity party this weekend, but am feeling better about it all. It's a hard diagnosis to swallow (har har, see, I can make jokes now), but it knowing it hasn't held you all back from doing things you love helps my outlook. Just a major lifestyle adjustment...
  2. I was lucky enough (if that’s the right word, not sure I think of myself as super “lucky” at the moment) to get a positive DH diagnosis during my first outbreak. Considering so many of you looked for answers for years, I do count myself thankful in this regard. I only broke out on my knees and e...
  3. I’ve posted the same thing in the DH forum, but am reposting here for additional support. ———— I was recently diagnosed with DH and am beginning my gluten free journey. I am needing some encouragement. I’m mainly worried about quality of life, not just mine, but even more so my husband’...