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  1. Thanks for the responses. Threw myself a major pity party this weekend, but am feeling better about it all. It's a hard diagnosis to swallow (har har, see, I can make jokes now), but it knowing it hasn't held you all back from doing things you love helps my outlook. Just a major lifestyle adjustment. Worst comes to worst, wine doesn't have gluten, so drinking dinner just became a legitimate dinner option.
  2. I was lucky enough (if that’s the right word, not sure I think of myself as super “lucky” at the moment) to get a positive DH diagnosis during my first outbreak. Considering so many of you looked for answers for years, I do count myself thankful in this regard. I only broke out on my knees and elbows, and it was completely cleared with topical Clobetasol after 3 days (RXed before the biopsy results were back). I’m allergic to sulfa, so Dapsone is out anyway. Anyway, my question is this. After going gluten free, if you get accidentally glutened or cc’d, does your rash typically come back in the same place, or do you find it shows up in different places? Was your first outbreak less severe than subsequent ones? I’m thinking of food allergies, first reactions tend to be less severe, but they can escalate with later exposures. Would love to know how your first exposure compared to later ones. Trying to prepare myself for the inevitability of getting cc’d at a restaurant or something. Thanks!
  3. I’ve posted the same thing in the DH forum, but am reposting here for additional support. ———— I was recently diagnosed with DH and am beginning my gluten free journey. I am needing some encouragement. I’m mainly worried about quality of life, not just mine, but even more so my husband’s and son’s. I keep seeing posts saying “I never eat out.” My husband is a chef, food has always been our thing. He’s incredibly supportive, talking about al the creative ways to make my favorite things gluten free, etc, but how do we go out and celebrate our anniversary, or even just a random Tuesday when we’re both too exhausted to cook? And biggest of all, how do we take our son all the amazing places in the world we’ve dreamed of taking him without eating out?? I don’t even mean just huge trips. My brother is getting married next year, will four days away from home really be impossible? My son is only 3 months old, I’m worried about him missing out on things because of me. I want, like I think every parent does, everything in the world for him. If you have kids, how has this impacted their lives? I’m really not concerned about the things I can’t eat anymore. I’ll be fine, it’ll be hard, but that’s ok. I’m more concerned about what I can’t DO. If anyone has any encouragement, I could really use it.