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  1. Dear Aries74, First, you are an awesome mom. I had most of these symptoms your son had. It took 2 endoscopies for a celiac diagnosis because my now-former GI forgot to look the first time.( I had an ulcer as well.) I felt like I was 70, not 43. All symptoms are gone now. Still can’t believe i...
  2. Yes! Always had heart palpitations, wore a 24hr monitor once and was on high blood pressure meds for 10 years. (Starting at age 27!?) Test results non-conclusive. Had no idea it was related to Celiac but it all went away after I went gluten-free. Never bothered to tell anyone but...
  3. Wow! I just started another thread about a medicine (Prepopick) with gluten. I too, canceled the appointment. (I also found a new GI today.)
  4. Celiac diagnosis was 6 years ago. Feel great now. This week, I was getting a routine colonoscopy and received a prescription for a powdered medicine called Prepopik to ahem, clean the intestines out. I have been glutened by powdered mixes before so I realized I should check the ingredients...