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  1. Thank you, all who responded. @trents, I certainly will be asking numerous detailed questions of people who have celiac disease and other conditions; I avoided doing so in my introductory...
  2. Hello, all. I'm the mother of a celiac sufferer as well as a journalist. I'm doing a story for Gluten Free & More magazine about the link between celiac disease and other autoimmune...
  3. Hi, all. I'm a longtime member of this group as the mother of a celiac patient. I'm also a professional writer doing a story for a national magazine about DH. I'm speaking to physicians...
  4. ljgs

    celiac and pregnant?

    Thank you all for replying. Yes, posterboy, I got tested as soon as my daughter was diagnosed, and have been tested occasionally since.
  5. Hi, all. I'm a professional writer (and mother of a young adult with celiac) who is working on a magazine story about the special considerations of celiac disease in pregnancy....