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  1. Thank you, all who responded. @trents, I certainly will be asking numerous detailed questions of people who have celiac disease and other conditions; I avoided doing so in my introductory post because I first wanted to connect with those who are willing to talk to me. Once we speak by phone or email...
  2. Hello, all. I'm the mother of a celiac sufferer as well as a journalist. I'm doing a story for Gluten Free & More magazine about the link between celiac disease and other autoimmune conditions. I'd love to hear your story, if you're interested in being quoted. Were you diagnosed with celiac and...
  3. Hi, all. I'm a longtime member of this group as the mother of a celiac patient. I'm also a professional writer doing a story for a national magazine about DH. I'm speaking to physicians, but I'd also love to talk to a couple of DH sufferers about their experiences. Unfortunately, there's not a lot...
  4. Thank you all for replying. Yes, posterboy, I got tested as soon as my daughter was diagnosed, and have been tested occasionally since.
  5. Hi, all. I'm a professional writer (and mother of a young adult with celiac) who is working on a magazine story about the special considerations of celiac disease in pregnancy. Would anyone on this board be willing to be interviewed about their experience? I'd love to know what advice your doctor...