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  1. Thank you, I will be more careful with contamination. I was tested for crohns and negative
  2. V123

    Body odor

    I haven’t said anything to any of them, though they have probably detected it
  3. Hi, I had a negative endoscopy as said in last posts. I am on an elimination diet through my dietician, and I haven’t been eating gluten. It’s been three weeks since I started, and I haven’t gotten measurable symptom relief. I’m starting to get worried that gluten isn’t the problem, and going back to square one. My dietician seems to be worried that I haven’t been feeling better. Some things have improved, like constipation and hot flashes, but this could be due to eating healthier. Is it abnormal? I also got blood tests done yesterday, one for lead because my school found lead in our water, one for Lyme to be safe, even though no one thinks it’s Lyme, and one blood test for my blood sugar because it was high on a non fasting test so they had me do a fasting test. Also, i got a rash yesterday on my arm after only eating a smoothie after my tests. I couldn’t take a picture because i was in school, and it’s faded now.
  4. V123

    Body odor

    I am not a diagnosed celiac, I have been on a gluten free diet since a week ago suggested by dietician. My endoscopy was negative but my IGA blood tests were abnormal. I do experience really bad body odor as well, not sure if it’s related to gluten or not but so far no difference in BO. I’m hoping it is gluten, but I will tell you if I notice it to subside as I further continue a gluten free diet! Do you know what the BO is described as?
  5. Hi! I have a lot of the same symptoms. I have had lactose intolerance when I was younger but “grew out of it.” I think this could also be contributing to my stomach issues because I don’t think I grew out of it. I have experienced pretty bad body odor, but not really breath odor. Mine isn’t smoky, as much as it is described as like stool. Who knows why this is. Mom currently on an elimination diet, because my endoscopy for celiac was negative. I’m already starting to feel better, but no body odor change yet. You should go to your general doctors for an appointment and tell them all of your symptoms. This way they can test for many issues rather than just visiting with a specialized doc and being told you are normal.
  6. Thank you! So are blood test more accurate than an endoscopy? I know the endoscopy is the golden standard for diagnosing celiac but I’ve heard of the opposite. Thank you! But I was under the impression that the antibodies are only present when the body is fighting off the gluten? So that would mean that eating a gluten free diet while getting a gluten antibody blood test would be innacurate. Maybe I misunderstood what you’re saying.
  7. Yes, I had blood tests done in November 2017 due to strange symptoms and had positive IGA antibodies. Underwent an endoscopy and it was negative. To now where I’m visiting a dietician Yes, in previous posts I explained that I was suspected celiac because of positive Iga blood work but had a negative endoscopy.
  8. Hi, I visited a dietician on Friday 3/30. She told me to follow a gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, no red meat, eggs, soy, peanuts or pistachios. So far it hasn’t been too hard (I started on Saturday 3/31). I am wondering if anyone has followed an elimination diet that’s similar. I have to follow the diet for a month, then go in for a reassessment. How long has it taken any of you to notice symptom relief? I think I was put on a more strict diet than other people with the same issues because I had allergies as a toddler and baby. I’m also wondering about gluten free snacks. Are things like gluten free chips, crackers, etc bad for you to eat? I have definitely been eating healthier and increasing my veggie and fruit intake. Any suggestions for snacks/recipes on this diet?
  9. Hi, I have undergone an endoscopy and was found that I do not have celiac. However, I had positive marker (IGG) and vitamin d deficiency tests. I am wondering if anyone has ever done a 23andme test and if they are a good idea I really want to cut gluten out of my diet already, since I have many horrible symptoms (including fecal BO) and want to try to relieve them But I have an appointment with a (sorta) wholistic dietician— not for another 5 weeks (hopefully she is good considering 6 weeks earliest to get an appointment) My mom’s friend has ibs problems too, and she is currently going to the same dietician and is on this weird elimination diet (no dairy, gluten, and some enzyme that’s in a lot of foods) My dermatologist is gluten intolerant and she went to the same dietician and was diagnosed through the elimination diet and hasn’t eaten gluten in 3 years I do have a lot of things in place to get back to normal health, but I am really impatient Has anyone ever done an elimination diet similar to the one I will most likely have to do? It seems like I may have to do it but not positive And has anyone had experience with fecal BO related to gluten? Still not diagnosis of gluten problems and I am very anxious that the diet won’t releive symptoms and I will have to deal with all of these symptoms for much longer than I want to to get a diagnosis of anything Any experience with any of the above ?
  10. My doctor called today to say the biopsy and endoscopy were normal. They want me to do laxatives for another month and come back in to see if symptoms are better. I really don’t think that’s going to help though. Any suggestions or tips?
  11. Yes, I will have an upper endoscopy done
  12. Hi everyone! I am new to this site and celiac in general. I’m in the process of tests and diagnosis of celiac. I have to be treated by a pediatric GI. I was referred from a regular nurse at my doctors office to visit a GI. I had blood work done at my regular physician that tested me positive for an antibody of celiac (I believe IGA). When my mom and I visited the pediatric GI the doctor recommended, he really talked down to my mom and me and didn’t even let me finish talking before he just put me in the books for an endoscopy. So, we went to another GI the next day and had more blood work, stomach X Ray, rectile and stomach exam, etc. When the blood work came back from that GI, I tested negatively for all of the antibodies. (Weird). After my X Ray, the GI said that my stomach was full of poo and prescribed laxatives (mirolax, after initial cleanout 1 capful 2 times a day to keep up) for 6 weeks after 2 day cleanout. After the rectile exam, I was told I have a fissure and was given medicine for that. The laxatives did make me go to the bathroom, but not as much as I anticipated and I didn’t feel any relief. After halfway through the 6 week period, my mom called the GI and told him that I wasn’t feeling relief. They told me to take 1 pink dulcolax a day as well as the mirolax. I still wasn’t having a change in symptoms. The medicine for my fissure has helped. Two days ago, we went in for the check up after the laxatives. I told the nurse I wasn’t experiencing relief. She did an X ray of my stomach again, and surprisingly my stomach was pretty much emptied of constipation. She ended up saying that I’m going to need an endoscopy done. She also prescribed a medicine for acid reflux, because I have had it noticably one time, and she wants to see if I see any relief from the medicine that would indicate that I do get it regularly, because apparently tooth enamel problems can be from acid reflux My symptoms include: Fecal BO, however my mom doesn’t think I have this, but everyone around me at school including friends are always covering their noses, sniffing, etc. I’ve even noticed my siblings and mom doing this, so maybe my mom doesn’t want me to be worried about this. I didn’t tell my doctor I think I have this BO, because I can’t smell it as much as other people, and honestly I was too embarrassed to say it. Other symptoms are tired, dizzy, brain fog, fatigue, nauseou, sometimes stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea, VERY bad sweats and always feeling hot, sometimes cold chills. I also have a vitamin D deficiency and take vitamin D tablets everyday. When I’m not on the supplement, I never remember my dreams. Before I was tested with a vitamin D deficiency I would remember my dreams a few times every year, and now it’s a few every week. I also had very bad eczema as a baby, and had very bad allergies. I had to get a full allergy panel done and was allergic to lactose, some nuts, one type of meat I don’t remember, citrus fruits etc, but no gluten. My mom and I think I’ve had celiac/gluten problems since I was a baby. I’ve also had tooth enamel erosion problems since I was little, and have composite on all of my teeth. I also get headaches and sinus pressure, and I am probably forgetting even more symptoms. I also have two aunts on different sides with uncured GI problems. My uncle had GERD as a kid. My half sister also has celiac problems, and had a colonoscopy and endoscopy, but no one thought to tell her to eat gluten during the testing period and she was eating gluten free (dumb, right?) Any thoughts on the BO, why one blood text wasn’t positive and one negative, etc?