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  1. I appreciate your point. However, constancy of my celiac symptoms indicates that I have had the disease for at least three years - while I have never experienced any food allergies in that time. Although I will keep an eye on any emerging allergies, I believe my current fatigue is due to nutritional...
  2. Thank you Gail for your response. Of course one should be mindful of the possibility of food allergies but I don't think that's the case with my current situations. Save for gluten containing product, everything I eat now I used to eat before with no reaction whatsoever. I think my issue is more...
  3. Posterboy, thank you for your response! Regarding magnesium, do you think relying on food sources like fruits, bananas in particular, is not enough? Just out of curiosity, when you started taking Magnesiums Citrate supplements, did you already consume enough fruits?
  4. Ennis_TX, thank you for your response! I will take heed of all your nutritional pieces of advice, one by one. And yes, I am aware that a gluten marathon is on the horizon soon. Before doing the test, however, I shall try to fortify my diet with the nutrients you mentioned, and report...
  5. I am not diagnosed yet. Have been gluten free for almost 4 months. Felt incredibly good for the first couple of weeks. Eczema disappeared. Fatigue disappeared. Gastrointestinal discomfort disappeared. Then I had a couple of inadvertent gluten exposures with terrible symptoms ensuing - the common...
  6. Thank you for your response, GFinDC. I agree that buying from a local producer is a safe bet.
  7. Thanks for the insight but I did already search the website with the 'honey' tag word before posting my question. Problem is that like most other topics, I found conflicting statements, so I thought I would take the safest bet and ask if someone has tested honey via Nima.
  8. Actually I read about this on other threads in this very same forum. The tag word was honey - whether or not honey can contain gluten. I did not notice any scientific reference, nor have I found any legitimate study on the matter. Then again, the overall amount of research on gluten and gluten related...
  9. Since honey, raw or processed, may contain wheat dust due to the wide presence of wheat fields everywhere [possibly close to any bee hives anywhere], I was wondering if honey should be categorically categorised as a gluten containing food. Wondering if anyone who owns Nima has tested it?
  10. Thank you for the response and the link, Ennis_TX. It seems I have an arduous journey ahead of me.
  11. Thanks for your response, ravenwoodglass, I do have DH. Apparently DH is my most immediate symptom, setting in before the rest of the symptoms appear. The tuna I consumed is not plain. It's packed in olive oil and garlic. Is iodine something I should worry about too? If so, does it include...
  12. I am aware what "less than 20" means. It could be zero or 19.99999. Can you be certain it's zero?
  13. It could be something else, of course, but I have not reacted to soy before. As far as I can tell, soy agrees with me.
  14. I looked up the product on their website. And milligram per kilogram is the equivalent way of saying parts per million. They are the same.