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  1. I used to take a supplement called Omega 3-6-9, which supplied me with all the essential fatty acids. I'm not sure why I stopped (ran out and forget to buy more, maybe?) but I'll get some more. I tolerated that just fine. And my naturopathic doctor thinks that it may be the saturated fats I don't tolerate well but that I might tolerate nuts fine. I'm too scared to try anything, as I'm getting married in 3 weeks, but I will definitely try them after the wedding, when I'm less scared of the bloating.

    Thanks again - you've been lots of help!

  2. Thank you very much, Ursula!

    I know that I am intolerant to dairy - one little bit and I bloat up like a balloon. It's the same way with fat - if there is too much oil or fat in something I've eaten, regardless of what it was I ate, I bloat up like a balloon. I read that the reason this is is because my digestive system is so damaged that it has a hard time breaking down fat. Supposedly, I'll eventually be able to tolerate fat but not right now. Have you heard this?

    I'm going to go through my personal care products to make sure nothing gluten-y is in there. And I will definitely look to other culprits.

    Have you noticed the intolerances changing at all? With leaky gut syndrome it said that you can become intolerant to whatever you're eating at the time. My worry is that it will change - that I'm intolerant to gluten and dairy now but because I'm avoiding them, soon I'll become intolerant to whatever I'm eating at the moment. Is this correct?

    Thanks again for all your help!!!

  3. Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Has anyone heard of it?

    I was diagnosed with IBS in January 2004. I was put on Zelnorm for constipation and did okay for 6 months. Then my eating disorder (anorexia and bulimia) reappeared and I didn't eat much for another 4 months, during which time I had no bloating or constipation problems. I then started to recover a bit from that again and started eating normal foods (I was on a health kick - whole wheat, low-fat, high protein) and started having constipation problems as well as lots of bloating and abdominal pain. In January of 2005, I started on the IBS diet, which basically cut out caffeine, dairy, red meat, raw vegetables, artificial sweeteners and most fats (only fats which made up less than 20% of calories for any given meal were allowed). I felt a lot better and subsisted on mainly white bread and carbs for almost a year, but I still got horribly bloated somewhat regularly, just not as bad as before. Then in August I started on a clean eating plan where the only carbs I was eating were oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice. The bloating pretty much went away and I felt like a normal person for the first time in my life. I was convinced I was invincible and started eating whatever I wanted, at which point the bloating came back. I tried going back on the diet as before, but this time it didn't do anything. After dealing with horrible, 9-months pregnant looking bloating for 8 months, I decided to try going gluten-free. Almost immediately I noticed a huge, huge improvement. I've continued to notice a huge improvement, but in the last few days, I've felt pretty bloated. I think it might be cross-contamination from one of my pans, so I'm going to get new ones today.

    Here's the problem: I'm really scared that I might have Leaky Gut Syndrome, which my naturopathic doctor mentioned as a possiblitity. He said that I could become intolerant to everything I'm eating because of it. It sounds like this could have been the reason I became intolerant to gluten - because I practically subsisted on it for a year. I'm eating very little variety of food right now: fruit, vegetables, safe protein shakes, egg whites and baked tostitos. I still can't handle dairy or fat. I don't mind eating like this for the rest of my life, but my wedding is coming up in 3 weeks and I cannot be bloated for that. And if I have to change my diet, what will there be left to eat?

    Has anyone had any experiences with this?

    Thanks for reading the ridiculously long post. :rolleyes:

  4. I made a chicken casserole with rice (walmart off-brand), salsa (Pace brand), chicken, black beans (walmart off-brand), fat-free vegetarian refried beans (Taco Bell brand) and red enchilada sauce (Pace brand).

    I cannot figure out where the gluten was hiding! I know it wasn't in the rice or chicken, and the rest of the cans didn't have anything obviously gluten-y. They did contain "natural flavors", unfortunately.

    Anyone know if the Pace enchilada sauce and salsa contain gluten? Or the Taco Bell refried beans?

  5. Elizabeth:

    I wanted to add first that if you intend to be tested for Celiac Disease, do not go gluten free. Your tests will not be accurate. You may or may not have celiac disease. There are over 200 symptoms of Celiac and I would encourage you to read as many posts here on this site to see if you have the symptoms. There is a search site here and you can look up almost everything you want to know.

    PLease research this yourself on this site as many doctors are not as knowlegeable as most people here on this site. It is a new to alot of Primary Doctors.

    It you do have Celiac Disease, it is truely not something to mess with. A strict gluten free diet it the only cure. Otherwise, it can lead to a variety of very serious incureable diseases.

    If you have a problem with bloating I would recommend Zantac, it is gluten free and it daily helps me as I also have a hiatal hernia which creates bloating and gas., in addition to Celiac.

    Hope this will be helpful to you. Lisa B.

    Thank you so much for your help, Lisa. I will continue to eat gluten until I can get a blood test scheduled and will try the diet regardless of my test results.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply!


    bloating is definatley a problem for me...I am pregnant with a baby elephant.


    I feel the same way. My stomach makes me look at least 9 months pregnant most of the time. Too bad they don't make cycling tights for pregnant women - I would definitely buy some as it is quite uncomfortable to wear regular ones right now!

  6. Hi - I'm new here and had a question or two...

    I have been experiencing severe, severe bloating for 2 years now. I was diagnosed with IBS, then rediagnosed with hypothyroidism. Once my doctor started upping my meds for the hypothyroidism, I felt great - no stomach problems whatsoever. That only lasted about 3 months (coincidentally, during that time I was on a different diet and eating very little flour/wheat products, though I was eating oats) and now I am not only back to square one, I feel 10x worse than I did before.

    My bloating is so severe, I have bought maternity clothes to wear at the really bad times. My waist will go from 28-29" to 39-40" in less than half an hour. It's painful and uncomfortable, not to mention embarassing.

    Has anyone had any experience with this? Or any suggestions? I would really appreciate this. I'm at the end of the rope.

    Thanks :)